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"Chatbot" (The Next Seinfeld?)

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Title By BlogDogIt.com

Four Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots sitcom experiment -Winterblessed


We setup four Cleverbot chatbots in a way so that they would be able to converse with each other in attempt to create an ad-hoc sitcom.

Each line of dialogue is chosen by the first Cleverbot response to each sentence spoken. In some instances, where two responses were recorded at the same time, both lines were included.

See the original experiment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vphmJEpLXU0

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The iMom's "Got This..."

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Written and Directed by Ariel Martin

The iMom will change your life! Well, at least that’s what the ads claim. But when a mother leaves her kids under the supervision of the family’s iMom, an unexpected connection is formed.




The iMom from Ariel Martin on Vimeo.

The iMom is an award winning short film by Ariel Martin
See more at

iMom Presenter     CURT BONNEM
iMom Testimonials


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Koesteren (Cherish)

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Koester de kleine dingen
Cherish the little things

Sometimes it's the little things that have the greatest impact (especially when you least expect that they even could.)

The featured video was found as a result of The Dig. [See:Cyberspace-Archeology - "The Dig"] It was not an obvious discovery but one I had to work at...

Joris Dergez---

The thumbnail image here shows the "Homepage" of Joris Dergez; you can click it to visit it but trust me, this is all there is to it. By all appearances this is a non-functioning website - but is it? The simple design is actually telling us quite a bit: Joris Dergez has a home on the internet, his navigation menu suggests studying, acting and directing and invites us to contact him. The inclusion of a black and white head-shot further suggests a working entertainer with an eye toward self promotion. His labeling of the footer of his page as "Footer" at first glance might give the impression of an unfinished template (I have seen scads of those on telenet.be) and the word "Socialmedia" might also appear to be a placeholder for all those social media badges that seem to be the rage these days. But this is what it tells me: "Hi I am Joris Dergez. I am a student of acting and directing. You know how this works. Look me up!" So that is exactly what I did. Based on what I am finding it is safe to say, this will require a little more digging.

I sincerely hope you too will enjoy the following bit of "Pay-Dirt"...

The Video: https://youtu.be/WaY1UyovtFE

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A Chance Encounter

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The more time spent surfing the internet the more difficult it becomes to actually follow anyone at all. Sometimes it's like trying to spot a familiar face in a crowded train station or catch a glimpse of a shooting star. With all the various social media outlets available to meet and ostensibly "follow" the activities of folks it is so easy to miss an important event. The inevitable outcome of this is those who you were really interested in at a certain point in time will find themselves cast aside in favor of newer (perhaps more interesting) discoveries. But as that song taught to so many Girl Scouts goes: "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

Today while "making the rounds" I spied a nugget worthy of sharing...

It was 8 months ago when I was afforded a special screening of Cindy Maples' Directorial Debut Film titled "Random" and posted a review here on BlogDogIt. [see: Director: Cindy Maples  ] Today I discovered that this film has been released via Cindy's YouTube channel for all to see. I invite you to put yourself in "film festival" mode and thoroughly immerse yourself in approximately seven minutes of raw creativity.


The Video: https://youtu.be/uOURyE2UwQc

One Night Changes Everything

You Should Truly Follow @cindymaples [smiley:thumbup]


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Digging Up: Think Of One

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You know me... always on the lookout for good stuff on the internet. The good kind of stuff that - in all likelihood - you would never discover without the dedication of yours, truly searching and exploring areas of the World Wide Web that otherwise elude the masses.

THE SOUND OF THE MARACATU - The making of Chuva em pôOnce again I was called back to continue the work I had begun in sifting through all those many links at "The Dig"  As you may (or may not) be aware, "The Dig" is an alphabetical listing of user websites from the Belgian ISP "telenet." Working my way through this seemingly endless list I found myself in the "H" section. It was through a link on /hellzapoppin/ that I discovered the amazing work of John Erbuer in the form of three film clips that - when viewed consecutively - offered a 20 minute excerpt from his 52 minute "musicomentary" titled "THE SOUND OF THE MARACATU - The making of Chuva em pô"

Think Of One Chuva em pôIn this video we accompany John as he joins the Belgain world music group Think Of One in Recife, Brazil  as they immerse themselves in the North-East Brazilian culture and Maracutu -, Frevo -, Ciranda and Coco music. This excursion ultimately lead to the creation of their seventh album Chuva Em Pô  (which has been described as a "World Record.")

Infectious music combined with masterful camera work really serve to make this a must-see video...


The Video: https://youtu.be/NEyJByOpyfE?list=PLYU4MB6l0CvUONvQI4MVkGJPqljgbBEIo

"'Think of One' ... would like you to think of one world with all its musical threads coming together in a multicultural celebration of rhythm and song. Formed by Flemish guitarist/vocalist David Bovée, Think of One pose the question "Why can't we all just get along?" in musical terms, and they are willing to travel the globe to prove that, in fact, we can." Dave Lynch, Rovi - for MTV_Artists_BETA 

John Erbuer

John Erbuer | Film Maker


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A Ticket To A Bernard Herrmann Concert

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Herrmann conducting the London Symphony Orchestra and singers during the Royal Albert Hall scenes of "The Man Who Knew Too Much"While researching a musical score - specifically from the movie, "The Birds" - for an upcoming video project, I happened upon a YouTube video titled "Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975) his absolute BEST" I took the  "click-bait" and found myself at a virtual concert featuring nearly two hours of thrilling music, orchestrated for some of classic Hollywood's most iconic projects. I knew in an instant that if I did not share this discovery I would not be doing my BlogDogIt job....


"No composer contributed more to film than Bernard Herrmann,
who in over fifty scores enriched the work of such directors as Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Francois Truffaut, and Martin Scorsese."
Steven C. Smith
from BernardHerrmann.com


Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975) his absolute BEST

from: gettyO89  channel

"Forget the track list, just embark on the journey. And this could be one of the most exquisite and satisfying musical experiences of your life."

The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uIEIelz_SM

Download as 64kbps MP3 [53.5MB]

[ Track List Below ]


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Horror as Teaching Tool...

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Bell & Howell 16mm Optical SoundYou have just agreed to go to work for a national chain of restaurants. This is a dream come true. Although this is a job unlike any you have ever held you are reassured by the fact they are offering to pay you even while they train you. You arrive at the regional training center early on your first day per their instruction. You are directed to Training Room A where you are greeted by the blank stares of other individuals and you realize this is a boat you all must share Only half the banks of overhead florescent lights are lit. You are about to learn that very soon even those will be extinguished. Taking a seat near the front of the room you notice the forward wall shrouded in a bright white sheet of reflective glass beads. You turn to check the rear of the room and discover that magnificent marvel of modern mechanics; that beautiful beast by Bell & Howell. You know what this means... "Old School" Training Video ...

Sit back, relax (if you dare) and enjoy the show...


Jack In The Box: Deadly Dangers
A training film for Jack in the Box employees on potential safety hazards in the workplace.
The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbKJzZQ6_Gc

Digitized by A/V Geeks


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Caged Beasts From A Simpler Time

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The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has opened a new "wing" thanks to the efforts of Mikko Hyppon (Chief Research Officer for F-Secure) and Jason Scott (Software Collections Curator at the Internet Archive.) You can now experience the horror from early days of personal computing. But fear not because these are DE-fanged versions of those heart-stopping creations. Enjoy the creative side of these infections thanks to embedded computer emulators utilized to display this impressive collection.

Smell Like SmokeThe Malware Museum
Creator: Mikko Hypponen
Curator: Jason Scott

"The Malware Museum is a collection of malware programs, usually viruses, that were distributed in the 1980s and 1990s on home computers. Once they infected a system, they would sometimes show animation or messages that you had been infected. Through the use of emulations, and additionally removing any destructive routines within the viruses, this collection allows you to experience virus infection of decades ago with safety."

Scroll the screen-grab image below and click it to visit the actual collection page at Archive.org 

The Malware Museum


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Thanksgiving Data Rap

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  Happy Thanksgiving!  
  from BlogDogIt.com  

Please enjoy this fun little audio recording
done by Garrison Keillor from the

November 23, 1996 broadcast of
A Prairie Home Companion

(Live from The Town Hall in New York City)


Thanksgiving Data

By Garrison Keillor, AS, PD, GH, AK
Featuring: Garrison Keillor; chord progression:
Pat Donohue

A scientific study of 247 Thanksgiving dinners has given us data
Showing that 92% included turkey,
Cranberries, gravy and mashed potata,
Except for Norwegian bachelor farmers
Who ate dinner alone by their TV screens,
Of whom 52% had tunafish and noodles,
And 48% had weiners and beans.

Scientific research at 247 Thanksgiving dinners has made it clear
That 45% of the dinners were served
Twenty minutes later than they were last year.
Due to the increased use of appetizers,
Particularly in the northeast,
55% of the men over forty
Were 80% full before the start of the feast.

Behavior studies at Thanksgiving dinners
Show that 64% of the women and men
Intended to take just one small helping
And to say, No thanks, when it came back again.
About 46% said, "Oh, just a little...."
And 21 percent said, "No...Well, all right."
Some changed their minds because it looked so delicious,
Two-thirds did just to be polite.

Psychological profiles at Thanksgiving dinners
As you can see from the bars on the graph
Show that people who ate pie made up their minds
At the very last minute what kind they would have.
Mincemeat and apple showed an 8% increase,
Pumpkin experienced 10% growth;
But in the nine out of ten homes where two kinds were offered,
Sixty-four percent had a little piece of both.

A scientific study of 247 Thanksgiving dinners show that 85%
Of the people who ate those Thanksgiving dinners
Felt somewhat, mostly, or completely content.
Men over thirty showed an average weight gain
Of 3.2 by the late afternoon.
Most sat around and talked about health clubs,
22 percent said they're joining one soon.

A study of 247 people who had eaten their dinners or were almost through
Showed that 93 percent experienced an average 21 point decline in IQ.
43 percent sat around in a stupor,
15 percent felt somewhat dull
33 percent felt a pool of butterfat
Slowly congealing inside their skull.

Autopsies done on Thanksgiving evening
Show that the arteries were clamped shut tight
Due to the effect of watermelon pickles.
Avoid those pickles and you'll be all right.
Watermelon pickles are definitely dangerous
And capers --- capers can give you the vapors
And avoid sardines and mesclun greens
And of course you should never drink sumac wine
Stay away from capers and watermelon pickles
And sardines and sumac and you'll be just fine.



Visit A Prairie Home Companion web site and explore the incredible archives offered there; you will find recordings of practically every APHC broadcast available for your listening pleasure.




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All Hallows Eve Is Upon Us

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Bedtime Monsters


An Alternate Universe

“There’s a monster neath my bed
Just go and have a look
There’s a monster neath my bed
Reading my favorite book

He’s creepy and he’s ugly and
He’s got a million eyes
He waits for me to fall asleep
Then he’ll eat me alive

There’s a monster neath my bed
Believe me when I say
So just please go and have a look
And make it go away”

And so I went and had a look
Though I did not suspect
It seemed as if that boy of mine
Was very near correct

For though a monster sitting there
Was just what did appear
He was kind of pathetic as
His body shook with fear

I said “You are a scary thing
A horrid evil sight
Shouldn’t it be me not you
Who shakes with dread and fright?”

His million eyes did look at me
And he let out a yelp
And then he sidled up to me
And said “I need your help

They said no harm would come to me
I’ve clearly been misled
Cause don’t look now but there’s a boy
On top of my bed.”

 -- Marissa Bergen

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth
Saving The World From Stupidity…One Blog At A Time


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Director: Cindy Maples

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Director Cindy MaplesRandom represents indie sensation, Cindy Maple's directorial debut. The film was written by Cindy and wisely places her in a starring role beside her real life hubby Rusty James.

Graphically powerful and erotically romantic, this touching film offers the viewer a delightfully voyeuristic glimpse into this pivotal night of life and love for the unquestionably happy couple. Cindy Maples brings to the screen a side of herself that this reviewer will not soon forget while Mina Fedora's original score sets the mood and caries us solidly through to the final fade.

A truly impressive 7 minute short that showcases the talents of all involved in a polished work that will no doubt serve as first-rate resume enhancements for the creative, technical, cinematic and production personnel. Carriage House Productions and Cindy Maples prove once again that they are in it to win it.

The Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDoMNC2FGSk

This review was written by me for submission to IMDB

One Night Changes Everything

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Bitchkoemer and Friends Go to Fano

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25ste Internationaal Vlieger FestivalThe Dig project continues slowly but surely. Collecting the various bookmarks for the alphabetical highlight pages is a lot of fun but I especially  enjoy uncovering something that demands to be shared in the form of a post. The website I am sharing here is a Dutch language tribute to the 2009 Fanoe Kite Festival and features the adventures of three daring Belgian thrill seekers. 

You should probably brush-up on your Dutch or fire-up the translator before visiting their website but you are sure to enjoy the video below (created by Michel "Bitchkoemer" De Meester) which clearly speaks the universal language of friendship and fun!

Kite Buggy

DenmarkEen weekje Fano 2008
A week of Fano 2008
        from Michel De Meester

Eind juni 2008 trokken we met de motorhome een weekje naar Fano.
In late June 2008, we went with the motor home for a week to Fanoe.

Uitsluitend om te buggiën en een beetje te genieten van het vliegerfestival.
Mostly for buggying and a bit to enjoy the kite festival.

Hier ziet u een korte samenvatting van onze "uitspattingen" aldaar.
Here is a brief summary of our "excesses" there.


Bitchkoemer (B1084)


 The Video: https://vimeo.com/1564977


Wie zijn wij?
Who are we?

Soms noemen we ons "Tree of a Kite", een woordspeling van de bekende poker term "Three of a Kind".
Sometimes we call ourselves "Tree of a Kite," a pun of the famous poker term "Three of a Kind."

We zijn inderdaad "Three of a Kind", we zijn met drie, we kennen elkaar al jaren en hebben samen al heel wat woelige watertjes doorzwommen, kortom drie goede vrienden, ieder met een eigen persoonlijkheid maar door onze vriendschap zijn we, net als broers, meestal wel in elkaars buurt te vinden.
We are indeed "Three of a Kind", we are three, we've known each other for years and have been together for quite some turbulent lessons learned. In short, three good friends, each with their own personality but through our friendship we, as brothers, are typically found together.

"Tree" verwijst enerzijds naar "drie" , maar ook naar het dorp waar we alle drie wonen: "Boom" (tussen Antwerpen en Brussel), "Kite" spreekt voor zich, we zijn alle drie met de vliegersport bezig.
"Tree" on the one hand refers to "three", but also to the village where we all three live: "Boom" (between Antwerp and Brussels) [boom means "tree"], "Kite" Obviously, we are all involved with the sport kite.

Michel De Meester
De oudste (en dus ook de slimste :-)
The oldest (and therefore the smartest :-)

Michel De Meester, in de vliegerwereld beter bekend als Bitchkoemer (B1084), houdt zich voornamelijk bezig met buggiën, maar ook af en toe een éénlijnertje onder de naaimachine duwen lukt hem wel.
Michel De Meester, in the kite world known as Bitchkoemer (B1084) mainly engages in buggying, but also occasionally pushing a tow-kite through a sewing machine with successful results. [?]

Rudy Belis
De middelste
The middle

Rudy Belis, de buggy collega's kennen hem als FamGaga (B1158), hij rijdt ondertussen iets meer dan een jaartje en begint zich aardig uit de slag te trekken in zijn karreke.
Rudy Belis, the buggy colleagues know him as FamGaga (B1158), meanwhile he runs a little over a year and begins to withdraw from the battle in his nice karreke. [?]

Peter Bastaens
De jongste (en ook de lelijkste)
The youngest (and the ugliest)

Peter Bastaens AKA Viper, zal af en toe wel enkele rakjes rijden maar houdt zich voornamelijk bezig met onze technische ondersteuning, ook de catering valt meestal onder zijn bevoegdheid (lees pintjes halen voor de rijders :-)
Peter Bastaens AKA Viper, will occasionally do some buggy driving but is mainly concerned with technical support, also catering usually falls under its jurisdiction (read: fetch beers for the drivers :-) [?]

Do you feel called to participate in the organization?
Do you feel called to sponsor us with "beverage and food?"

...please do not hesitate to send an email to someone of "Tree of a Kite!"


Bitchkoemer (B1084)


FamGaga (B1158)






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