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Diggin' some Kawehi

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I Am Kawehi Robot HeartBelieve it or not I still try to make time to explore those many links to Belgian websites in the BlogDogIt article: Cyberspace-Archeology - "The Dig".  I am currently working my way through the "D" section and found myself on the website of Darkman: darklife.com, where I happened upon the following music video of Kawehi doing a mind-blowing cover of Nirvana's hit "Heart-Shaped Box."


According to Darkman:
"Kawehi is een Hawaiiaanse die als one woman band interessante covers brengt. Niet altijd even goed, maar ze geeft tenminste een eigen twist aan het origineel. En ze gaat er stevig in op. In Nirvana en Nine Inch Nails bijvoorbeeld."

...but I would not let that stop you. She is all over social media and I for one plan to keep an eye on this techno-tunesmith. Maybe you will too. [smiley:;)]









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