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UFOs of Boyle

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The Skys Over BoyleBoyle, Co. Roscommon - an ordinary small town in the west of Ireland has become widely known as a "Hotspot" of UFO activity. Pete Higgins claims that as a child growing up in Boyle, "I never even caught a glimpse of any mysterious objects." Follow with him now as he presents "an open minded glimpse into the notion of belief and skepticism in a small Irish Community.*"

*UFO on Vimeo

UFO from Pete Higgins on Vimeo.

Sky Image By masodo


Betty Miller - Rest in Peace. 

Betty died peacefully on Sunday 24th October, 2010, 9.40pm

Betty Meyler, President of the UFO Society of Ireland died recently. Betty believed passionately in UFO and extra-terrestrial activity. She recorded the many sightings by people in her home area, Boyle, Co. Roscommon, Ireland and further afield as well as presenting them on this website.
Betty's friend and UFO enthusiast Carl Nally and a local committee will continue the work initiated by Betty including an expansion of the role her website can play. Details will follow.

Source: http://www.ufosocietyireland.com

UFO SOCIETY IRELAND - Highlight from Newsletter No.113 (Feb.09) - Betty: "I was interviewed by Peter Higgins and a crew from the University of Galway - they are doing Media Studies there and were making a documentary about the whole UFO scene in Boyle - again we went out on the Lake and were able to find the Portal again."

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