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Even The Best Vloggers Suck Sometimes

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Mikhael Ro - From Florida

When you say you are giving someone the benefit of the doubt aren't you really saying that you doubt them but in a way you want to believe? That is really a skeptical outlook - sort of - I'll admit that. But when I first started following the exploits of Mikhael Ro I had doubts. I am not actually even sure how I came to click the "subscribe button" on his YouTube Channel.  However, I have made it a point to check out his videos as they get posted because - well, because... - let's just say - I do, okay? It was not until he presented his groundbreaking documentary titled "Vacuuming a Bed" did I know for sure that this was going to be a channel to watch.

I have no doubt that this video is the only video of vacuuming a bed I have ever come across on the internet. I am sure I could probably come up with another if I resorted to some of those highly overrated search engine sites but thanks to the bold initiative demonstrated by Mikhael Ro I cannot ever imagine resorting to any such search. I suspect this video on vacuuming a bed to be the pinnacle of this rather unique art form.

Kudos Mr. Ro! I only hope your assistant (featured in this clip) sees fit to return to you the valuable treasure you recovered while producing this film; I must say you have earned it (and more!) You have certainly earned the BlogDogIt Spotlight and all the popularity, pride and prestige that is sure to come your way as a result.

Please enjoy the video embedded below:


You have to understand folks, that household chore videos are not the everyday fare of this up and coming vlogger but this offering should let us all know - in no uncertain terms - that Mikhael Ro has a camera and is not afraid to use it in his quest to take the internet by storm. Visit his little corner of the World Wide Web and let him take you around Tampa and environs to show you the sights. Take virtual hold of his MagicBand pass to Disney World and see what a guy who has practically grown up in the park points his lens toward while there.

You can (and should) follow Mikhael Ro on the following:
Google +



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FilmFest Redux

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"Let's Make Some Movie Magic Happen"
Tylor Higgs, Fair Creek Films

Englwood Neighborhood Film Festival
Click To Enlarge

Looking back on my junior high school days, the creative efforts I recall include a table lamp made from a coffee can (in electric shop) and a little round wooden step-stool (a product of wood shop.) I can even trace my "A/V Geek"ness to my running of the tape recorder for the Harshman (IPS 101) Home Room #206 production of the radio play "Inside a Kids Head."  Of course that was back in the olden days; in a world before "The Simpsons."

Springfield Film FestivalIn a more recent past, another  junior high school student, by the name of Jennifer Delgadillo, viewed The Simpsons (S06E18) "A Star Is Burns" and was inspired to dream of one day bringing an honest-to-goodness film festival into this world. Finally (after 21 more seasons of The Simpsons) her youthful aspirations came to fruition on July 16, 2016, under the banner of Englewood Neighborhood Film Festival (a banner that Tylor Higgs hand painted for the event.)

The first annual Englewood Neighborhood Film Festival. Organized and hosted by Jennifer Delgadillo (Englewood Neighborhood Film Festival) with the help of Tylor Higgs  (Fair Creek Films,) Amber Lanman (Englewood Summer Concert Series), Toran Farrow, Tracy Aldrich and Brent Aldrich and many more individuals, in association with an Englewood Neighborhood Partnership:

Festival Poster


The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA) and Englewood Community Development Corporation (ECDC), and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) are partnering to bring the inaugural Englewood Neighborhood Film Festival, one in a series of creative placemaking projects within the Near Eastside Great Places 2020. The festival is part of an initiative to turn strategic Indianapolis spaces into town centers of culture, commerce and community. 

The festival is an invitation to celebrate movie making and storytelling in the Near Eastside, while transforming the ¼ mile radius around East Washington Street and North Oxford Street into a welcoming space for neighbors and visitors alike.  


Even though my youth was spent in a largely pre-digital world, my High School days saw me in possession of a rather modest Super-8 movie film camera and a seemingly natural desire to create movies. Some of my greatest friendships in those days were forged in pursuit of that diversion. The projecting of my 7 minute cinematic creation ("The Computer") on the big screen, before a large audience, as part of the "Scholastic Arts Film Festival" in the late 1970's is a memory that I cherish to this day and I trust participants of the Englewood event will continue to benefit from their involvement far into the future as well. It is with this background that those words of Tylor Higgs truly do ring clear; "everyone can (and should) make a movie..."

Englwood Neighborhood Film Festival
 The Stage and Screen

The combining of The Englewood Neighborhood Film Festival with the Englewood Summer Concert Series Open Mic served to pack a lot of entertainment into the gathering. All performances, both live and on-screen, were met with a high degree of enthusiasm from the attendees which - by my estimate - must have numbered nearly one-hundred (if not more.) The facility was well suited to the event; offering ample room and plenty of padded folding chair seating (although the request for "scootching-in" was given early on so as to take advantage of every available seat.) While it is true that the hall might have benefited from improved airflow (or certainly air conditioning,) these diehard fans of independent cinema were not deterred in the least. Organizers should be well pleased with the inaugural event and find ample encouragement to continue building upon their success.

City of Indianapolis FlagThis event demonstrated the best sort of community spirit. We all know that people consistently come together during times of adversity; how refreshing to see a neighborhood join together - in all their diversity - to publicly support local artist with this forum for creative expression both on screen and on stage. By all indications The Englewood Neighborhood Film Festival is slated to return again in 2017 with a promise to be even bigger and better.

Englewood Neighborhood Film Festival Facebook PageIt was thanks to those mystical Facebook algorithms that I was made aware of this event in the form of a post in my news feed one day. Since I pretty much grew up on the Near East Side of Indianapolis, this film festival hit home with me on so many different levels. I immediately clicked "Interested" on the event's page and set about determining how to order my life in such a way that I could attend. The fates allowed that I should be there and my inner A/V-geek prompted me to take along my rinky-dink digital camcorder (which fortunately  featured audio-only recording.)

Early on I got the idea that by using audio recorded from my position in the front row (again thanking lucky stars for that open seat) and with the likelihood of finding these films "in the wild" on the internet, it should be entirely possible to recreate this event as a virtual film festival in the form of a blog post. Thanks in large measure to the efforts of Derrick Combs, Rachel 'Sun Rai' Sims, Jennifer Delgadillo and Tylor Higgs (with many other names to follow) I am extremely happy to have the privilege and honor to...

Welcome, One and All to the

First Annual Englewood Neighborhood
Film Festival
Virtual Edition

Please explore the following media files in the order presented
to re-live the Movie Magic originally experienced July 16, 2016
at 3005 E Washington St, Indianapolis, Indiana


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Make It Stop!!

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"And whosoever should be snaring one of these little ones who are believing in Me, ideal is it for him rather if a millstone requiring an ass to turn it were lying about his neck and he were cast into the sea." (Jesus according to Mark 9:42 Concordant Literal Version)

Evil Perpetrations
As a Cyber Explorer of the Web Less TraveledI will often come across aspects of the internet that have me scratching my head with concern for my fellow humans. Things that "once seen, cannot be unseen" are one of the hazards of this job. I find that after these awful encounters it is best to just move along; spurred-on to ever more diligently seek-out the goodness that also awaits discovery out on the ragged-edge of the World Wide Web.

Oftentimes though, evil lurks in the shadows of even the more mainstream of internet destinations. It was in the course of a purely innocent search for a particular user account on Vimeo that I found myself witness to some most appalling human behavior. I immediately "flagged" the video and - to Vimeo's credit - it was removed from the system within the hour. I will certainly spare any details but suffice it to say the mere removal of that atrocity does little (to nothing) in reversing the evil perpetrated upon the innocent creature featured in that untitled film. Something however, MUST be done...

Later on in the day I decided to "bleach my eyes" by viewing the latest from SkyWatch TV. It can be no coincidence that the guest that day was Opal Singleton, president and CEO of MillionKids.org and the topic was "Predators, Social Media, and Your Children."

I urge everyone to explore the good works spearheaded by Opal Singleton and visit ExploitedCrimes.com - something CAN be done...

EXPLOITED - Crimes Against Humanity


Episode 1: Welcome to Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity

(Original air date 05/26/16)

Episode Description

Welcome to Exploited Crimes Against Humanity, a global interactive internet community dedicated to educating against exploitation. This week we will analyze real cases of sex trafficking, sextortion, and how child pornographers use online gaming and the dark web to exploit and violate young people. There are always three sides to the story. The Predator, the Victim and Law Enforcement., Opal Singleton is your host and she has trained tens of thousands of government agencies, law enforcement, civic leaders, school administrators and faith based leaders on how to recognize human exploitation. Most important, learn what YOU can do about it. NEVER AGAIN should another child be violated., NEVER again should a parent anguish over a run away child. This show is designed to equip YOU and your friends to educate yourself, engage and get involved. It is powerful. It is Real. It is urgent.


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

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Koesteren (Cherish)

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Koester de kleine dingen
Cherish the little things

Sometimes it's the little things that have the greatest impact (especially when you least expect that they even could.)

The featured video was found as a result of The Dig. [See:Cyberspace-Archeology - "The Dig"] It was not an obvious discovery but one I had to work at...

Joris Dergez---

The thumbnail image here shows the "Homepage" of Joris Dergez; you can click it to visit it but trust me, this is all there is to it. By all appearances this is a non-functioning website - but is it? The simple design is actually telling us quite a bit: Joris Dergez has a home on the internet, his navigation menu suggests studying, acting and directing and invites us to contact him. The inclusion of a black and white head-shot further suggests a working entertainer with an eye toward self promotion. His labeling of the footer of his page as "Footer" at first glance might give the impression of an unfinished template (I have seen scads of those on telenet.be) and the word "Socialmedia" might also appear to be a placeholder for all those social media badges that seem to be the rage these days. But this is what it tells me: "Hi I am Joris Dergez. I am a student of acting and directing. You know how this works. Look me up!" So that is exactly what I did. Based on what I am finding it is safe to say, this will require a little more digging.

I sincerely hope you too will enjoy the following bit of "Pay-Dirt"...

The Video: https://youtu.be/WaY1UyovtFE

345 Views when found
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Starting out Larval

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How To Become A HackerWhile checking-in on How To Become A Hacker  by Eric Steven Raymond  (via the glider link in the footer of this site,) I was pleased to see a new addition to the file as noted in its Revision History:

How To Become A Hacker
Eric Steven Raymond
Revision History
   Revision 1.50 19 July 2015 esr
   Added link to: "
Let's Go Larval".

One visit to "Let's Go Larval" and I could see why ESR found it necessary to update his page on How To Become A Hacker and so - likewise - we shine the BlogDogIt spotlight on this diamond-in-the-rough, upstart hacker. Geeks of every stripe will appreciate the skillz on display by Rebekah Yoder in her blog project which she bills as: "Adventures in programming from a Linux/Mac perspective. Half how-to, half me talking to myself."

Jim the Penguin is an original creation by Rebekah and CC BY-SA licensed - in keeping with the hacker/open-source spirit. Click on that fellow below to enter the larval-stage  as this particular programmer publicly passes through her pupal stage in pursuit of her goal of becoming a developer extraordinaire.

BlogDogIt will be "going larval" and joins Rebekah in inviting you to do the same...

Enjoy! Let's Go Larval Adventures in programming from a Linux/Mac perspective. Half how-to, half me talking to myself.

Creative Commons LicenseJim the Linux Penguin by Rebekah Yoder is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License



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A Ticket To A Bernard Herrmann Concert

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Herrmann conducting the London Symphony Orchestra and singers during the Royal Albert Hall scenes of "The Man Who Knew Too Much"While researching a musical score - specifically from the movie, "The Birds" - for an upcoming video project, I happened upon a YouTube video titled "Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975) his absolute BEST" I took the  "click-bait" and found myself at a virtual concert featuring nearly two hours of thrilling music, orchestrated for some of classic Hollywood's most iconic projects. I knew in an instant that if I did not share this discovery I would not be doing my BlogDogIt job....


"No composer contributed more to film than Bernard Herrmann,
who in over fifty scores enriched the work of such directors as Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Francois Truffaut, and Martin Scorsese."
Steven C. Smith
from BernardHerrmann.com


Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975) his absolute BEST

from: gettyO89  channel

"Forget the track list, just embark on the journey. And this could be one of the most exquisite and satisfying musical experiences of your life."

The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uIEIelz_SM

Download as 64kbps MP3 [53.5MB]

[ Track List Below ]


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Embed Archive.org iFrames in SMF Forum Hack

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At Archive.orgIn order to embed video in a Simple Machines Forum (SMF) installation I added the Embed BBCode v.2.0 plugin to my site and was happy enough until the time came where I wanted to embed a PDF hosted by Archive.org.

These PDFs are delivered via "<iframe>" and are not compatible with the plugin. I was able to hack my install to allow safe and effective inclusion of Archive.org hosted PDFs to my site.

Here is how I did it...

First, save a back-up of /Sources/Subs.php

Then Modify ==>  /Sources/Subs.php  

after line 1226,  before:

1227                     else
1228                              $tag['content'] = '$1';

insert the following code (watch the word-wrap - this is two lines between the comments):

// begin masodos MOD to embed Archive.org iFrames
elseif (preg_match('~iframe.+src=(?:&quot;|[\'"])(?:https?:)?//archive.org/stream/(.*?)(?:&quot;|[\'"])~i'.($context['utf8'] ? 'u' : ''), $data[0], $matches))
$tag['content'] = '<iframe src=https://archive.org/stream/' . $matches[1] . ' width=$2 height=$3 frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe>';

// end masodos MOD to embed Archive.org iFrames


Of course you will make this modification at your own peril and will not hold me responsible for any ills that may befall you as a result of utilizing this hack but I wish this was available sooner, I would have tried it.


I'm using it with much success - See it in action here:
Read the popular "Earth's Earliest Ages" by George H. Pember  free online


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Master Clickbaiting - ASTONISHING Video!!!

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So once again I found myself down the virtual rabbit hole when I came across a very interesting artist community known as Newgrounds.

newgrounds.com — Your #1 online entertainment & artist community! All your base are belong to us.


To quote Newgrounds' founder TomFulp,
from the sites wiki:

"I grew up making home movies and text adventures that no one ever saw or played, so it was really exciting when I got web access in 1995 and started Newgrounds. My first games were point and click adventures, followed by some more interactive javascript concoctions. In 1998, I picked up Flash and my life changed forever. By 1999, Newgrounds was so popular that other Flash artists wanted to showcase their movies and games here too. There were so many submissions that we automated the process in 2000, being the first website to offer real-time publishing for games and movies. It was like a big party."

And so the party continues...


While on Newground.com I saw a link to a video titled "4 Ways YOU'VE been Clickbaited?!" I pride myself in not falling for the "Clickbait" since that generally leads to the busier (if not seedier) side of the internet and - as I am sure you are aware - I prefer to travel the "roads less traveled" as they typically lead to fantastic discoveries like Newgrounds and ApexxWolf. ApexxWolf is a self-proclaimed "amature animator that makes short gaming cartoons from time to time." This entire post has been created mainly to present his video discussing clickbait on the internet.


In the words posted by ApexxWolf on YouTube:

Clickbait......Clickbait for Everyone!

Thought I'd try a new style of social commentary video talking about the use of clickbait on the internet. In the video I go over 4 popular methods used (including a bonus method) and try to answer whether or not clickbait is bad.

Inspired to create this after being clickbaited myself by a fake girl gamer live streaming on twitch :P


The Video:

 This video had 8400 hits at time of posting

Follow ApexxWolf


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Thanksgiving Data Rap

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  Happy Thanksgiving!  
  from BlogDogIt.com  

Please enjoy this fun little audio recording
done by Garrison Keillor from the

November 23, 1996 broadcast of
A Prairie Home Companion

(Live from The Town Hall in New York City)


Thanksgiving Data

By Garrison Keillor, AS, PD, GH, AK
Featuring: Garrison Keillor; chord progression:
Pat Donohue

A scientific study of 247 Thanksgiving dinners has given us data
Showing that 92% included turkey,
Cranberries, gravy and mashed potata,
Except for Norwegian bachelor farmers
Who ate dinner alone by their TV screens,
Of whom 52% had tunafish and noodles,
And 48% had weiners and beans.

Scientific research at 247 Thanksgiving dinners has made it clear
That 45% of the dinners were served
Twenty minutes later than they were last year.
Due to the increased use of appetizers,
Particularly in the northeast,
55% of the men over forty
Were 80% full before the start of the feast.

Behavior studies at Thanksgiving dinners
Show that 64% of the women and men
Intended to take just one small helping
And to say, No thanks, when it came back again.
About 46% said, "Oh, just a little...."
And 21 percent said, "No...Well, all right."
Some changed their minds because it looked so delicious,
Two-thirds did just to be polite.

Psychological profiles at Thanksgiving dinners
As you can see from the bars on the graph
Show that people who ate pie made up their minds
At the very last minute what kind they would have.
Mincemeat and apple showed an 8% increase,
Pumpkin experienced 10% growth;
But in the nine out of ten homes where two kinds were offered,
Sixty-four percent had a little piece of both.

A scientific study of 247 Thanksgiving dinners show that 85%
Of the people who ate those Thanksgiving dinners
Felt somewhat, mostly, or completely content.
Men over thirty showed an average weight gain
Of 3.2 by the late afternoon.
Most sat around and talked about health clubs,
22 percent said they're joining one soon.

A study of 247 people who had eaten their dinners or were almost through
Showed that 93 percent experienced an average 21 point decline in IQ.
43 percent sat around in a stupor,
15 percent felt somewhat dull
33 percent felt a pool of butterfat
Slowly congealing inside their skull.

Autopsies done on Thanksgiving evening
Show that the arteries were clamped shut tight
Due to the effect of watermelon pickles.
Avoid those pickles and you'll be all right.
Watermelon pickles are definitely dangerous
And capers --- capers can give you the vapors
And avoid sardines and mesclun greens
And of course you should never drink sumac wine
Stay away from capers and watermelon pickles
And sardines and sumac and you'll be just fine.



Visit A Prairie Home Companion web site and explore the incredible archives offered there; you will find recordings of practically every APHC broadcast available for your listening pleasure.




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