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Bitten by the Big Pig

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When I headed off to Fandom Fest I was on the lookout for a story. With video camera in hand I was able to collect enough shots of the event to give some indication that there was a lot going on. [see: FandomFest GrabShot] There were tons of people in attendance and you never knew what might be in store for you around every turn.

First glimpse - Big Biting Pig Productions Turning around at one point I spied the word "lucid." emblazoned on a jet-black tee-shirt being worn by the red-headed gal that was manning the Big Biting Pig Productions booth. At that very instant I remembered that "lucid." was the title of an indie horror film that I had every intention of seeing. Having lost track of the schedule of events and fearful that I might have missed the screening I inquired at the booth and was told the film was showing "at this very moment," that it probably just started and if we hurried, my brother and I would not miss much (if any) of the feature. The helpful exhibitor in the "lucid." tee added, "I probably should be there too,  seeing how it's my film and everything... I have no idea where it is screening though."

Having scoped out the screening rooms earlier in the day, I knew exactly where it was and said, "if you follow us we will take you right to it." (It was just downstairs from our present location.) Making our way to the screening room we entered the darkened space where the magic was already in progress upon the glowing screen in front of the more punctual attendees. Our red-headed tag-a-long stopped us in the back of the hall and whispered, "this is what you've missed..." and proceeded to explain the scenes we had missed and the development of the plot to this point, then kindly offered us to please have a seat and enjoy the film.

It would not be until the rolling of the credits at the end of this clever bit of cinematic thrill ride that I would learn the name of our friendly host and usher - PJ Woodside, Writer, Director, Producer and more! This was my introduction to Big Biting Pig Productions. This was the story I needed to tell...

The new standard for independent Horror Films

The new standard for independent Horror Films

STEVE HUDGINS & PJ WOODSIDESTEVE HUDGINS is the founder of Big Biting Pig Productions, Steve is not only an accomplished actor in front of the camera and on stage, he is also a director and an award winning writer.
In addition to writing the screenplays for "Maniac on the Loose", "GoatSucker", "Hell is Full" & "Spirit Stalkers" and directing those movies, he also co-wrote the stage play "Killer Cast Party" with creative partner PJ Woodside and directed the World Premiere in 2009.
Steve Hudgins was recently referred to by Friday the 13th writer Victor Miller as a "Horror Meister to reckon with."

PJ WOODSIDE, a co-producer with Big Biting Pig Productions, has won awards as a director, actor, and sound editor. "Lucid", her latest film, featuring Bill Johnson of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, [has just been released.] She is also the writer and director of the films "The Creepy Doll" & "Widow" and has written several stage plays. Her first screenplay, "Cajun P.I." was selected from thousands of entries to be performed as a Radio Play at the International Mystery Writers Festival in Owensboro, KY.
She holds an MFA in fiction writing from George Mason University and has published in both fiction and non-fiction. In addition to partnering with Big Biting Pig Productions, she runs her own video editing business, PJ's Productions, which produces book trailers, music videos and other projects. You can find her work at www.pjsproductions.com

The Movies The Movies


LUCID (2013)



HELL IS FULL  (2010)





This Old *censored* Makes Horror FlicksRead PJ Woodsides Blog

Excerpts from "worm in my mouth"PJ and Worm

My worm scene was only added AFTER I’d been cast.  Steve Hudgins, the writer and director of this one, said he’d done a revision to the script, and would I, WOULD I, mind putting a worm in my mouth.  Only one.  How could I say no, right?
I will tell you what worms taste like.  Dirt.  That’s not too surprising, since they come from the dirt.  But wait.  Worms actually make dirt.  And how do they do that?  By processing organic matter through their bodies.

That’s right.  Dirt is worm shit.  And so when you put a worm in your mouth and it tastes like dirt, basically the worm is doing what all your sworn enemies wish they could.
We got what we needed in about ten takes, and honestly, I would have done it twice as many if asked to.  Once I got the hang of it, it was kind of fun.  The worm and I bonded.
... [ Read It ]

Source: http://www.bigbitingpigproductions.com

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