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Make Way for Mental Space

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Take some time to enjoy this Web-Series by EveryExit - It's Positively Mental!

Mental Space - Series

Alan Steele must take care of his older sister Amber, because she has several mental disorders and complexes. Oftentimes, he has his two friends, David and Edwin, watch her when he isn't able. Inevitably, Amber gets them into crazy situations along the way. This series is a heartfelt, comedic look at the Steele family and how life is lived on their side of the fence. Written by Jessica Dockrey [IMDB]

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Series Directed by
Jessica Dockrey   (unknown episodes)
Aaron Frasier   (unknown episodes)
Series Writing credits
Jessica Dockrey   (unknown episodes)
Aaron Frasier   (unknown episodes)


Series Cast
Aaron Frasier ... Alan Steele (10 episodes, 2012)
Jessica Dockrey ... Amber Steele (10 episodes, 2012)
Emmaleigh Hoard ... Jodi (7 episodes, 2012)
David Russell ... David (6 episodes, 2012)
Alex Gray ... Edwin (5 episodes, 2012)
Luke Short ... Will (4 episodes, 2012)
P.J. Woodside ... Marilyn Updeass (2 episodes, 2012)

Source: IMDB

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