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To Blog-It or Dog-It

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Well... this site is ready enough to put to use. The only question now is "to what end?" The answer, of course is "who knows?" As you can tell I have no problem with answering a question with a question. Not everything is simple black and white. To answer a question with a question is to recognize the existence of gray areas.

On the subject of "gray areas", the reasons I have for starting this blogdogit site are perhaps a little "grayley" shaded. I have been working this BlogDogIt concept for awhile now over on InfinitelyRemote.com (my hobby of a web site.) Now over there the blogging software is a DIY creation of mine done up in PHP/MySQL and is really a slick little system that takes advantage of FCK Editor, user authentication and all that "happy-go-lucky."

It was in the course of an AltaVista search for my InfinitelyRemote BlogDogIt page that I made the discovery that this-here domain of BlogDogIt.com was up for grabs and grab it I did.

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