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To Blog-It or Dog-It

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Well... this site is ready enough to put to use. The only question now is "to what end?" The answer, of course is "who knows?" As you can tell I have no problem with answering a question with a question. Not everything is simple black and white. To answer a question with a question is to recognize the existence of gray areas.

On the subject of "gray areas", the reasons I have for starting this blogdogit site are perhaps a little "grayley" shaded. I have been working this BlogDogIt concept for awhile now over on InfinitelyRemote.com (my hobby of a web site.) Now over there the blogging software is a DIY creation of mine done up in PHP/MySQL and is really a slick little system that takes advantage of FCK Editor, user authentication and all that "happy-go-lucky."

It was in the course of an AltaVista search for my InfinitelyRemote BlogDogIt page that I made the discovery that this-here domain of BlogDogIt.com was up for grabs and grab it I did. I always liked the sound of the domain name and enjoy saying it... blogDOGit! It brings to mind something some old coot or codger might say after smashing his thumb with a hammer. An expletive non-deleted, if you will. Right up there with DadBlastIt and GallDarnIt.

Even beyond the joy to be found in the speaking of the name I have to smile a little when I think about the Dog-It idiom and how it relates to my way of blogging. YourDictionary defines Dog It as to "Do less than is required; loaf or shirk." or "Move slowly." How all that is going to manifest itself in this web site is yet to be seen and my masthead slogan of "Blogging The Lazy Way" is certainly not carved in stone.

For now I think I will convince myself that one of the best examples of dogging it here is in the fact that the site is freely hosted by GoDaddy in consideration for that banner ad at the top of the page. Follow that with installing this freely available Geeklog - Open Source blogging software. All things considered, I am happy with the direction this blogdogit creation is headed.

I need to learn the ins and outs of the software (I will) and I want to open it up to adding various content. I really look forward to developing this into something good. Thank you for stopping in and taking the time. Won't you come back and check our progress from time to time? Better still... Register for access and I will set you up with a "blog to dog" all your own, if you want. Heck, the hard parts over. Now it's simply a matter of filling in the blanks.

So Come On YOU BlogDogIt!

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