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New Static Page - About BlogDogIt

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GeekLogIt This page is the page you will get if you click the "About" link at the top of the page. I post it here for syndication purposes.

About BlogDogIt

I go by masodo (at least in cyberspace) and I have for quite awhile now. The origin of that handle will likely be the subject of some future post but I would like to keep this page as much about this place as I can. However, since this is basically a personal project (at least for the time being) an article entitled About BlogDogIt is bound to cover common ground with an article claiming to be about masodo.

With that... Me and computers go way back. My high school had a computer and a class. I did not take the class but I did use the computer room as a location for an amateur film entitled - strangely enough - "The Computer." I could not tell you what type of computer it was other than to say it was a behemoth in blue and a punch card system. This was circa 1975. This was a time when pocket calculators had glowing red LED displays and PONG was just hitting the streets. The world of computing was strange and new. You could not really say that I was "into" computers but it would be fair to say "we hung out."


Being land-locked in farm country was not exactly conducive to my aspirations of following in the foot-steps of Jacques Cousteau. So my focus changed to photography. My career in photojournalism followed a path more closely related to a retail camera sales / lumber yard man type of thing. I did find myself doing advertising paste-up that led to a position in advertising and after a while in that, with a side order of freelance photography, I finally got my foot in the door of a well respected, established commercial photography concern. I parlayed that opportunity into a long stint as a commercial photographer. I was a specialist in black and white work and a top-notch photo lab wizard.

Long story, short? The digital age crept in like a thief in the night. Commercial photography - at least the brand to which my wagon was hitched - was stood on it's ear. Now this was actually fortunate for me because with my ear to the ground I could hear the approaching stampede. So I switched horses mid-stream and today I find myself in the position of corporate IT manager and webmaster.

So I guess the forgoing was presented in an effort to illustrate my unique perspective. Of course everyone's perspective is unique but only a limited number of folks feel the need to publicize. So that's where we are.

I intend to post to this blog on a somewhat regular basis. For my part I will post about things that interest me and things that may interest a certain segment of the internet at large. I would also like to formerly extend the invitation for you dear reader to register for an access account and join the fun.

I will gladly entertain any desire you may have to open your own topic on this site and help you as best I can but I would prefer to keep it to content suitable for all audiences. (at least PG-13 yo?) As a matter of fact, there are several folks out there that do great mass emails. You know... they have good stuff but insist on putting it in an email. This is well and good but email is not really where it's at. I would like to work with these folks to redirect those efforts into a bit of creative blogwork that can be enjoyed by the masses. I would much rather see my friend has posted to BlogDogIt than to see their clever work in my in-box.

This is a place we can get to from anywhere at anytime. Let's use email for what email is good for - personal communications. Save the mass communications for the internet. Now don't you think it is about time you tried your hand at blogging? Haven't you been dogging it long enough? Well hop on! I really cannot say where we are heading but we WILL get there BlogDogIt!

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