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A Ticket To A Bernard Herrmann Concert

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Herrmann conducting the London Symphony Orchestra and singers during the Royal Albert Hall scenes of "The Man Who Knew Too Much"While researching a musical score - specifically from the movie, "The Birds" - for an upcoming video project, I happened upon a YouTube video titled "Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975) his absolute BEST" I took the  "click-bait" and found myself at a virtual concert featuring nearly two hours of thrilling music, orchestrated for some of classic Hollywood's most iconic projects. I knew in an instant that if I did not share this discovery I would not be doing my BlogDogIt job....


"No composer contributed more to film than Bernard Herrmann,
who in over fifty scores enriched the work of such directors as Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Francois Truffaut, and Martin Scorsese."
Steven C. Smith
from BernardHerrmann.com


Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975) his absolute BEST

from: gettyO89  channel

"Forget the track list, just embark on the journey. And this could be one of the most exquisite and satisfying musical experiences of your life."

The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uIEIelz_SM

Download as 64kbps MP3 [53.5MB]

[ Track List Below ]


01.*Vertigo* - Carlotta's Portrait 0:00:00
02.Transformation 0:01:56
03.Prelude/Rooftop 0:02:08
04.The McKittrick 0:07:02
05.The Bay 0:08:28
06.The Forest 0:10:21
07.The Tower 0:13:46
08.The Letter 0:16:21
09.Scene d'Amour 0:19:37
10.San Juan Bautista 0:26:21
11.*Psycho* - Flight (original score, 1960) 0:29:07
12.Car Lot 0:29:48
13.Hotel Room 0:32:00
14.The Madhouse 0:34:03
15.The Murder (Jerry Goldsmith, conductor) 0:35:59
16.The Clean Up (Danny Elfman/Steve Bartek) 0:36:56
17.The Car 0:38:36
18.The Hill 0:39:29
19.The Cellar 0:40:34
20.*North by Northwest* 0:41:42
21.Cheers! 0:44:58
22.The Elevator 0:45:39
23.U.N. 0:46:24
24.Crash Of The Cropduster 0:47:24
25.The Television 0:49:27
26.*The Trouble With Harry* - Tea Time 0:50:08
27.*The Wrong Man* - Jail Cell 0:51:49
28.*The Man Who Knew Too Much* 0:53:13
29.*The Birds* - Opening Credits 0:55:29
30.*Marnie* - The Nightmare/The Word Game 0:57:10
31.*Torn Curtain* - The Killing 0:58:48
32.*Hangover Square* - Concerto Macabre 1:00:52
33.*Citizen Kane* 1:12:47
34.Salamnbo Aria (Kiri Te Kanawa) 1:15:28
35.*Wuthering Heights* - I have dreamt (Renée Fleming) 1:19:47
36.*The Ghost and Mrs. Muir* 1:22:40
37.*The 7th Voyage of Sinbad* 1:26:40
38.*Fahrenheit 451* 1:27:39
39.*The Day The Earth Stood Still* 1:29:18
40.*The Egyptian* 1:31:17
41.*On Dangerous Ground* 1:32:57
42.*Cape Fear* 1:35:22
43.*It's Alive* - Lamentation 1:36:33
44.*Sisters* - Phillip's Murder 1:39:47
45.*Obsession* - The Ferry 1:42:51
46.Memorabilia 1:45:39
47.*Taxi Driver* 1:48:32
48."I heard voices"1:50:50

Learn More:  wiki/Bernard_Herrmann

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