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Master Clickbaiting - ASTONISHING Video!!!

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So once again I found myself down the virtual rabbit hole when I came across a very interesting artist community known as Newgrounds.

newgrounds.com — Your #1 online entertainment & artist community! All your base are belong to us.


To quote Newgrounds' founder TomFulp,
from the sites wiki:

"I grew up making home movies and text adventures that no one ever saw or played, so it was really exciting when I got web access in 1995 and started Newgrounds. My first games were point and click adventures, followed by some more interactive javascript concoctions. In 1998, I picked up Flash and my life changed forever. By 1999, Newgrounds was so popular that other Flash artists wanted to showcase their movies and games here too. There were so many submissions that we automated the process in 2000, being the first website to offer real-time publishing for games and movies. It was like a big party."

And so the party continues...


While on Newground.com I saw a link to a video titled "4 Ways YOU'VE been Clickbaited?!" I pride myself in not falling for the "Clickbait" since that generally leads to the busier (if not seedier) side of the internet and - as I am sure you are aware - I prefer to travel the "roads less traveled" as they typically lead to fantastic discoveries like Newgrounds and ApexxWolf. ApexxWolf is a self-proclaimed "amature animator that makes short gaming cartoons from time to time." This entire post has been created mainly to present his video discussing clickbait on the internet.


In the words posted by ApexxWolf on YouTube:

Clickbait......Clickbait for Everyone!

Thought I'd try a new style of social commentary video talking about the use of clickbait on the internet. In the video I go over 4 popular methods used (including a bonus method) and try to answer whether or not clickbait is bad.

Inspired to create this after being clickbaited myself by a fake girl gamer live streaming on twitch :P


The Video:

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