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  • Reading & Writing With Teacher Corey. (172)
    Welcome to my adventures in literacy and blogging!

    I graduated from Temple University in the spring of 2011. I have a degree in Secondary Education. I am certified to teach 9th-12th grade English.
  • Renegade Press (172)
    Tales from the mouth of a wolf -
    Chris Nicholas is a twenty six year old student and author from Brisbane, Australia who often refers to himself as an aggressively creative world eater. Priding himself on his willingness to challenge his own preconceptions and push the boundaries of his ambitions, he aims to create beautiful literature that will inspire his audience to do the same.
  • Something Museworthy? (182)
    Read something…

    My plan to upload lots of content to this blog has made some good progress; still more to come mind, it rests as scribbles on leaves of paper about the house
  • Something Museworthy? (152)

    About a Blog…

    Tipped from pot luck, it seems you were, possibly from pot ‘bad luck’ as falling hitherward from high, I see you are. A fleeting descent. Use its moment to look down and meet the mire that waits to greet you. Feel its momentum slam you down–slap you into the slop. A silted, muddied water’s edge bescrawled with the swirls, curls and twists of a wet stick once held by an aspirant artisan. Those scrawls are script; the inaugural writings of this maundering blog. Plonked purposely here in the unexplored slime-some backend of the web’s nowhere and intended to be paid no mind in the hardest currency of all–pure ignorance. Leave space to mull a little though, let that ignorance be a shade impure; permit yourself a second’s thought for a second thought. Scratch your chin, make ‘hmmm’ sound and furrow a frown over this being a flukey or ill-fated encounter.?.?. No, the notion, just dismiss it; for scratching invokes further itching and confusion comes from uncomfortable thinking.

    Look about instead... [museworthyman]
  • storiesbyfrances (180)
    Joey is ten. If you haven´t already guessed that from the name, Joey obviously is a boy. The problem is, whilst Joey is a boy, his friend is a girl. She has no name. Joey didn´t bother to name her. He knows she is there and he knows she exists and because he knows she exists, he thinks she doesn´t need a name. Joey has learned that all things have a name and that he is supposed to call things by their name. Joey believes that once things have a name, they will exist. So he didn´t give the girl a name, because most of the time he wishes she wouldn´t exist and he fears that once she has a name, she will never disappear...
    Never underestimate the power of a question

    Robert Gore

    Robert is a writer, investor, attorney, and former bond trader. His website is straightlinelogic, and his most recent novel is The Golden Pinnacle, available on Amazon, Kindle, and Nook. He is also a regular columnist for thesavvystreet.com.

  • Sue Collinge (170)
    The road to hell is paved with work in progress – Roth
    I love writing and have a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature. I published my first book 'The Leavings ' on 26th June 2014.
  • What Would the Neighbours Say? (117)
    I am a poet based in wet, windy and occasionally sunny West Wales.
  • Word Wabbit (153)
    Wrestless Word Wrestler
  • Words and Feathers (168)
    The stuff that comes out a bird's mouth.