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  • Wrays Of Sunshine (412)
    Brianna Wray, Interdisciplinary Artist
  • www.35mmc.com (491)
    The Beginning – The RF10 I was bought by my Nan
    The Middle – Learning about the relationship between aperture shutter speed and film speed with a Voigtlander Vito b
    The End – Buying the Fuji Klasse W, a camera that answers all my needs as a hobbyest photographer and inspired me to start this blog.
  • X-ray Pictures (435)
    X-ray Art
    History of X-ray art and artists
    My X-ray enhancement technique
    Tony Lamont is a consultant radiologist who has worked in paediatric radiology most of his career. His interests are music and art. He lives in Hervey’s Range, Queensland with his family and grand-children.