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  • 2D Graphic Design (630)
    Deirdre ní Dhubhghaill attended the Limerick School of Art & Design [1988] (Design Communications ) furthering her education at the London College of Print & Distributive trades (in Typographic Design). Combining pratical application of her skills she continued her education within design studios and the Crafts Council of Ireland Business & Design Development Course. Moving back to Wexford in 1996 I set up my graphic design business. Expanding, skills and development with the Wexford Enterprise Board and the Wexford Area Partnership.
  • Acrylic Zombie (691)
    Acrylic Zombie | Terrorizing the Arts with Macabre
    This blog is written by Brittni Borrero, a PR grad student interested in horror-related phenomena including movies, literature, fashion, music, and life.
  • AffirmArt (653)
    About Me: sema
    Hi, I am an artist interested in exploring different ways for self improvement and I am happy to share it with all.
  • Ambigrams (719)
    Ambigrams and Upside-down Heads by Sam Saxon
  • Ana Caroline B. (592)
    (+) i-e-s.tumblr.com
    My name is Anette, I make pictures.
  • AngryBoar (691)
    AngryBoar.com is an illustrated online blog-magazine, dedicated to present the top news stories and events around the globe. The informative content is presented to its readers in combination with high quality, eye catching photos and illustrations.
  • AnOpticalIllusion (821)
    A collection of optical illusions and other visual oddities updated regularly.
  • AP Artick Playground (630)
    Arts/Humanities Website
    suggested by Dale @ http://hp9000.blogspot.com/2013/05/art-related-sites-artick-playground.html
  • ARTology – Tullio DeSantis (642)
    ARTology is the art, mind, and technology blog by Tullio DeSantis

    Tullio DeSantis is an American contemporary artist, writer, and technologist.