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  • telekilnesis (408)
    A photography blog in which I discuss the images I've taken with a DSLR and a telescope: from the small stuff (the birds and butterflies of East Kent) to the really big stuff (the moon and the planets) - and none of the boring things in between.
  • The Anthology Project (488)
    The Anthology Project collects the comics of artists unified by their delirious pursuit of compelling narrative and notable artistic work in the medium of sequential art. Its humble intent is only to delight.

    The project showcases a multidisciplinary group of passionate artists from across Canada and the United States.
  • The Film Diaries (428)
    My adventures with analogue black & white film
  • The Golden Ratio: a designers guide (457)
    The Golden Ratio is a beautifully simple piece of mathematical theory that can help make your designs feel well proportioned and pleasing on the eye. We explain how to use it.

  • The Museum (443)
    Author of this blog.

    Artist, designer, visualist; collectrix of things pre-modern; ancient-Romaphile; in progress and with continued luck: world traveler.

    I’m good at drawing, photography, and transforming blank rooms into magical realms. I’ve studied the alchemical arts of intaglio printmaking. I create images for print and screen with lines, shapes and words; I love cities and wide open spaces. I am a Brooklynite.

    I post here (at least) twice a week— every Monday and Thursday. Want more? Alright, well follow me on the socials:

    instagram@edaggarart and @lizzieboric

  • Trial by Fire Ceramics (390)
    Welcome to a spot where you will get to experience my ongoing love affair with clay and the potters wheel. If you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces ,you can reach me at: azjhf@q.com or use the contact form at bottom of page , thanx for stopping by, John
  • Vandalog - A Street Art Blog (436)
    Vandalog began in October 2008 as the place for people to keep up to date on what’s going on with street art. If something matters in the world of street art, you can read about it on Vandalog.
  • Vintage Everyday (425)
    denoting something of high quality, something from the past or characteristic of the best period.
    BlogDogIt note: A massive collection of timeless, historic, interesting, entertaining photographs
  • WeGraphics (459)
    Every week we will publish fresh vectors, brushes, textures packs and other amazing stuffs. On our blog you can find useful tutorials and articles about graphic and web design.
  • wegway and the Institute for the Separation of Theory from Practice (488)
    S. E. Armstrong was born in Toronto, Canada in 1951 and lived there until moving to Belleville, Ontario in 1986. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Toronto and is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, now OCAD University, in Toronto. He studied with Royden Rabinowitch, Murray Favro, Greg Curnoe, Ron Martin and Gary Dault. Armstrong has exhibited regularly in commercial, parallel, co-op and public galleries in Canada and the United States since 1977. He edits and publishes a journal of artists’ projects called Wegway Primary Culture which is hibernating at the moment but will awaken soon in both paper and electronic versions. His writing has been published in Canadian art magazines such as Espace and Lola.