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  • Moni Smith Photo (416)
    I am a film photographer living in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A. My interests are pinhole and black and white photography.

    I blog at Pinhole Obscura - a blog dedicated to pinhole photography and travel. I am also a participant of the 52 rolls project.
  • neopompeii (411)
    So back in time I go, through everything I’ve scribbled, doodled, illustrated over the last 33 years; to engage and hopefully entertain the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the ‘who’ and ‘whats’ that have emerged from the ends of countless pens and pencils; and bear with me and all my antidotes . . . I have too many of those not to share. And hopefully . . . I’ll pick up where my old trails had drifted off.
  • Nothing Is Funny (432)
    Lucya Koroleva@nothingisfunny
  • Obzervashunal (459)
    Seen it all... done it - no, wait. I'm just gettin' started!
    Graphics, Photography, and a bit of Storyteller are a few of the ways I express who I am.

    As much as I enjoy the process of creating, I find equal enjoyment in experiencing the creativity of others.

    We are all creators in our own right. Be the best of who you are and others will find inspiration in what you create.

    Happy blogging to you all!

    K'lee L.
  • Photography Spot (404)
    I am married with 3 grown sons. I love to be outdoors. Hiking and observing wildlife are two of my favorite pastimes. I became interested in photography, at first, as a way to help identify birds but now find myself wanting to capture the beauty of everything around me in pictures. My photos have been featured in our local newspaper, the "Daily Dozen" on National Geographic "My Shot", and "Life in the Finger Lakes" magazine. And, now find myself owned by a very special 24 year old African Grey Parrot.
  • ScriptMag.com (440)
  • Seditiosus (406)
    Basically, I just like making weird stuff. - Stella Anderson
  • Spare Ink (412)
    Artist/Blogger Dale Harkness
    Spare Ink: art, stories and a few jabs at society
  • Steve Bailey Art (396)
    Jewelry design, digital painting, photography and the written word.
  • Steve Boer Photography (413)
    My name is Steve Boer and I’m not on Facebook. So far, I have no plans to change that status, which is why I’m starting this blog instead. I currently reside in St. Albert, AB Canada with my wife and our two cats. In the past several years I have gotten re-interested in photography and I wanted a way to share some of my photos with people in a format that would be a little more engaging and easier to follow than my Flickr or 500px pages.