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  • I Love Comic Covers (385)
    'I love comic covers' raised from blogs like Comic Book Resources where the comic covers were commented but, often, didn't appreciate that they were an homage or a swipe of a previous one. So, after look for, chase up, catalog and collect more than 500 covers, I decided to run the blog. Other sites in the internet also highlight those homages (mainly in forums) but I think there is no other blog exclusively dedicated to this matter. On the other hand, all pictures can be seen in high resolution, that allows to compare covers with full detail.
  • I Still Shoot Film (472)
    Hello. My name is Rachel and I am a professional photographer. I am originally from the United States but have been living in Paris for the last 8 years. I am technically a fashion and portrait photographer, but I love to photograph anything and everything - especially with vintage cameras.

    I learned to shoot on film and sincerely believe it still has a place in the photographic world today. This blog is a place to celebrate and learn about film photography.
  • In my viewfinder | Max S. Volonté Photography (415)
    “Photography is part of myself since I was 8.
    I still remember my first picture that I take.
    Photography is my way of surviving these nowadays,
    I try to comprehend what’s going on around me through my viewfinder.
    Photographic projects at short or at long term are my attempt to tell stories.
    A selection of my images is available at the London (UK) agency Millennium Images.
    Photography publications, prints for collectors, exhibitions, workshops,
    live performances photo coverage, wedding reportage are what I have to bring in.”
  • JenniferMartinez (434)
    Jennifer Martinez IS Creative
  • Kip Rasmussen (699)
    author and illustrator
  • konokopia | An Island of Art and Ideas (430)
    Maciek Jozefowicz
    Seattle, Washington
    I am an artist, writer, explorer and part-time genius.
    Interests: My great passion is art. But I am also interested in architecture, literature, philosophy, film, and sports (mountain biking, basketball, tennis, football).
  • Kristof Spaey (410)
    Stripauteur en illustrator (Comic author and illustrator)
    Kristof Spaey
  • Lost America (426)
    Night Photography of the Abandoned West.
  • Mario Zucca (401)
    Mario hails from the town of Indiana (not the state) in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania. In his own words, he is Indiana’s 2nd most celebrated son, and he envisions that some day his hometown will erect a statue of him next to that of fellow Indianite, Jimmy Stewart. ••• Currently, Mario works out of his home studio in Philadelphia, PA and teaches illustration at Tyler School of Art and Philadelphia University.