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  • Fortress of Dissolitude (391)
    Art and Words. Sharing paintings and thoughts on this and that. Sometimes satire, sometimes not. Always insightful, except when it’s not.
    Author of “Methane Wars: A Fable” and “Lear’s Fool.” Available on Amazon.com.
    Art prints and accessories available at Fine Art America.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Joe Gergen
  • Gilles Desplanques (644)
    The practice of sculpture, as envisaged by Gilles Desplanques, is indefectible to a certain form of experience of space. Beyond the formulation of volumes in the real (which defines the sculptural gesture), it is first of all from the putting into resonance of a context of production that each work is shaped specifically. It is in this narrow relationship between a play and the moment of its realization that its work is partly defined. However, one should not take the place of this articulation for in situ, it is in fact very often quite another thing, a desire to fit the world, to experience it physically with more Or less commitment, and to make it work, in short to think the in vivo of a practice.
  • GladSpot (439)
    Gladspot is a visual arts bookmark bringing you a spectrum of visual treats. We know that it’s sometimes hard to get inspired and start working on your creative projects so here at Gladspot we host all manner of interesting and beautiful imagery through our pages to get your creative juices flowing. We also like to pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just promote critically acclaimed artwork on our pages and so we openly invite our audience to submit their own work on our pages as we know some of you do not get all the attention you deserve.
  • GraphicStyles.org (366)
    Welcome to GraphicStyles! Feel free to register and submit your art. Registration is free and files are free to download. As a guest you can download 10 files in a 24 hour period. If you wish to download more per day you will need to register. After registration you can download as many files as you would like per day.
  • Hajin Bae (489)
    Hajin Bae(a.k.a. soulist-aurora), Illustrator & Graphic designer & Art director.
  • Hammermarks (407)
    Hammermarks is…
    Wendy Edsall-Kerwin's journey to become a full-time jewelry and metals artist. Here you can find my inspirations, motivations, frustrations, and business advice that I have found through hard work and lot's of great contacts.
  • Heart Shaped Skull (451)
    AARON ALEXOVICH (who is me) was born in Chicago, Illinois, the year Elvis died, but I currently sleep the daylight hours away in Southern California. After neglecting to graduate from the world-famous CALARTS, I took up space in the animation industry for a while, contributing character designs to Nickelodeon’s INVADER ZIM and AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. I like making comic books way better, though. SERENITY ROSE VOL. 1 was my first published work, but since then I’ve doodled up KIMMIE66 (DC/Minx), CONFESSIONS OF A BLABBERMOUTH (written by Mike and Louise Carey, DC/Minx), SERENITY ROSE VOL. 2, and issue #64 of DC/Vertigo’s 2000 lb. gorilla, FABLES. Among other things. I am the proud owner of two cats, one theremin, a Facebook account and something called “the photic reflex,” which makes me sneeze in bright sunlight.
  • Hi-Fructose (391)
    Hi-Fructose is a quarterly print art magazine, founded by artists, Attaboy and Annie Owens in 2005. Hi-Fructose focuses squarely on the art which transcends genre and trend, assuring readers thorough coverage and content that is relevant, informative and original. Hi-Fructose showcases an amalgamation of new contemporary, emerging as well distinguished artists, with a spotlight on awe inspiring spectacles from round the world all of which help to define the future of art in our culture.
  • hikingphoto.com (424)
    Just go there!

    Patrick Latter Photography

  • Honey Badger Mountain (426)
    Daniel Saunders is an animator/illustrator living and working in Norfolk. He is the creative director of Lard Ventures Ltd which is currently developing a character based project called, “Lard wants world peace.” His work has been featured in OFFLIFE, Animation Magazine and a number of film festivals.