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    When I was much, MUCH younger, a friend of my sister’s found an Easter egg decal of “Teddly Toad”. Thinking it funny she passed it on to me, and the name more or less stuck. Apparently she and her friends couldn’t find toads though, because they started giving me frogs, lots of frogs. I had plastic frogs, glass frogs, wooden frogs, and metal frogs; I had frogs! I still haven’t decided if being identified with frogs is a good thing.
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    We all have secrets, and we all love to find the skeletons in others’ closets. Why do you think “reality TV” is so popular? Here you can unburden yourself of those secrets that you would never admit “in real life.” Did you spit in your spouse’s coffee after an argument? Did your dog kill your mother-in-law’s cat? Were you the one who took the last bagel? Admit it at "I Admit That..."!
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