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  • THE FIRE WIRE (306)
    Popular Culture, Books, Comics, Music, Movies, Television, Gadgets, Posters, Toys & More
  • The Lydia Review (260)
    "This is my story, this is my life, don't know the ending but its mine to write"
    Welcome to The Lydia Review. My name is Lydia and the most important thing you need to know about me is that I love music, movies, TV-shows, musicals, and books. So, I decided to enter the online world of blogging to share my passions with others of the same interests.
  • The Nerd Nebula (260)
    The Nucleus of the Universe for all Nerd Hacks!
  • The Violent Blue blog (293)
    The Violent Blue blog***Comics, Horror and Pop Culture***Updates Tuesday through Friday (and occasionally at random)
  • Trailer Trash Talk (231)
    The ever off topic, trash talking, pop-culture podcast
    Cousins, Daniel Yun and Elisha Paglia discuss, dissect and sometimes trash upcoming trailers for movies, tv shows and games alike on a fortnightly basis.
    Due to the nature of our inane ramblings (they're pretty much saturated in a plethora of tangents), some episodes may contain offensive language, racism, nonsensical anecdotes and/or statements, and spoilers for a number of movies/tv shows/games.
  • What Does It Matter? Podcast (283)
    What Does It Matter? Podcast A bi-weekly podcast about life, the universe, and everything!
  • WormholeRiders News Agency (251)
    WormholeRiders News Agency also known as WHR is an on-line news organization with “wormhole” themes featured most notably in the Stargate movies and television series Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe and Fringe, as well as non renewed series such as Alcatraz, Chuck, Eureka, Sanctuary, Terra Nova, The Event (sniff, sniff), and new or surviving series like Alphas, Falling Skies, Revolution, Supernatural, The Neighbors, The Vampire Diaries, and Warehouse 13!
  • Xspectasy.com (280)
    Traveling Beyond Boundaries, Finding The Brightest Stars!