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  • Actress Obsession (672)
    Hi Everybody….I’m Haren Yong.
    Web Editor and Actress Blogger
    My passions include gorno/indie movies, soccer and trying to find the best horror/indie actresses out there, so if you share my passion, come over to my blog and we can discuss why horror continues to fascinates and is still a big part of our culture!!
    This blog has now grown into a portal for actresses from the US, CANADA, EUROPE and AUSTRALIA endorsed by actresses and a platform to admire and connect with the most talented female performers around the world.
  • Adult Jokes Book (647)
    The majority of the jokes contained in this Adult Jokes Book are based upon material which is freely available in the public domain. No information as to who wrote the original versions of these jokes was available to the author. If anyone has a valid claim to the copyright ownership of the root of any joke contained herein, please Contact me so that proper accreditation may be given to the original author.
  • Ain't It Cool News. (625)
    Home of The Zone: The center of the geek universe
  • Assholes Watching Movies (1,052)
    How many assholes does it take to review a movie?
    We watch a lot of movies: some we like, most we don’t. The only thing we like more than watching movies is arguing about them.
    2Matt is a cinephile. He loves movies, watches them obsessively, and knows what the *censored* he’s talking about. He’s a familiar face at TIFF and an extraordinary organizer of Oscar pools and parties (he’s just not all that great at winning them – maybe next year, Matt!).
    Jay is the most opinionated person on the planet and loves to disseminate her thoughts loudly and proudly. She loves thinker movies and hopes to have lots of rowdy discussions with complete strangers. She loves Bill Murray and Audrey Hepburn and can’t make it through a movie without having to pee.
    Sean loves movies with naked boobs and big explosions. He brings down the curve but the other Assholes tolerate him because he usually brings the beer.
  • Casey Donahue is Fresh to Death (735)
    my name is Casey Donahue. I make movies and I write stuff. Sometimes I make movies and write stuff for The Upright Citizen's Brigade. My mom thinks I am very talented. You can hire me!
  • Classic Movie Monsters (598)
    Welcome Foolish Mortals to Classic Movie Monsters!
  • CliveBanks.co.uk (626)
    Here at you'll find 'The Science Fiction and Telefantasy Databanks', a comprehensive guide to some of the best cult and classic science fiction and telefantasy programmes ever transmitted!

    And if that's not enough to keep you amused, there's also some stuff about me - what I do, what I've done, and what I'm up to at the moment; pictures of my family and friends; plus movies, photos, and shedloads more!
  • cracked rear viewer (705)
    Fresh takes on retro pop culture
    A film fanatic who grew up on old movies, now writing about them on Cracked Rear Viewer and Through the Shattered Lens. Horror, sci-fi, noir, comedy, westerns are my main interests. I especially enjoy the little known, low budget flicks, but dig the all-time classics, too! I look forward to sharing my thoughts on films from the 1930s through the 70s here with you, and would love to hear your feedback. Follow me on Twitter at @gary_loggins for exclusives on classic film!
  • DamnInteresting.com (718)
    Welcome to our collection of damn interesting things. Damn Interesting was founded, designed, and developed by Alan Bellows in September of 2005. Though we occasionally post bits which could be described as �news,� our primary aim is to collect and dispense damn interesting facts and ideas, whether they appeared in the past, the present, or the (anticipated) future.
  • Film Grimoire (669)
    About the blog:
    Film Grimoire is my blog where you can find my film reviews. Be they high class or low brow, this blog explores films of all sizes and target audiences. Please enjoy and feel free to comment with your own opinions!