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    ... I’ve consumed countless comics and read up on endless amounts of trivia. For me, it’s like watching television or a film, but one with an unlimited budget for a fraction of the price. It’s something that relaxes me, and between my MA degree and my night shifts as a Sandwich Artist, that’s something I often like to fall back on.

    But what else? I love comic books, obviously, but I’m also a Dudeist Reverend, an avid film watcher and an aspiring writer.

    So with this site, I hope to combine those passions (not so much the Dudeism) and give people an easy entrance to comics, the films and the industry in general, because that’s something I never had (at least, not all in one place).
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    Hold your nose! You're about to submerge into the murky, debris-ridden waters of Poseidon, in which pop culture and movie memories wash over unsuspecting readers with irregular frequency. A smash hit on 5-1/2 continents! [Poseidon3]
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    Welcome friends to Precinct1313, where we love to discuss, comic books, horror movies and video games. So why not join us on our journey through these wondrous things…
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    Proof Positive: Home of Snarknado™.
    Come for the satire, stay for the snark.

    Blog rated PG-13
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    I created this blog to share my fandoms with others and talk about the things that I am passionate about. I love all things geek and sports alike.
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    Free online magazine with daily updates of unique funny content based on true stories. We are providing you shocking stories and we guarantee hell of a time with us.
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    We’ve been serving up epic, bite-sized films to millions around the world since 2007. We discover and promote the greatest and most innovative stories from around the world. Every week we program about an hour of the greatest stories. @shortoftheweek
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