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  • Hey, it's Pat Ryan's blog! (315)
    A television writer and former newsman and talk show host lets loose with his take on…whatever: justice, small-mindedness, history, religion, stupidity in politics, good writing, bad journalism, television, friendship, the hometown Little League team. Some reporting and aggregation, some opinion, but all with humor and good sense. Comments encouraged.
  • Highway Pi (124)
    Sometimes the road of life is irrational. | Thoughts on life from someone who thinks a lot.
  • hipmonkey (197)
    He Come Groovin' Up Slowly
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series - A restoration project (305)
    The recent CD release of episodes 1-6. This recording is almost, but not quite, identical to the original broadcast.
  • Homepage Koos van den Hout (1,242)
    My homepage with my news, wardriving updates, rants, thoughts, weird projects and other stuff I like to share with the world.
  • homethoughtsfromabroad626 (217)
    Ireland, Irish photography, recipes and family history in Missouri and Tennessee
  • Honesty Time (127)
    Keeping it real since 2013
    4 Questions About Honesty Time
    How Did We Meet?

    Once upon a time, in the distant past of 2007, fate placed 5 young ladies on the same floor during our freshman year of college at Drew University. Together, we formed a brilliant, hilarious, and ridiculous group of friends, the likes of which have not been seen since the Spice Girls.

    Amanda, Kaely, Lori, Allyssa, Rachel
    Who Are We?

    We are just a group of young 20-somethings, living, and sometimes working, in Northeastern US. If you want to learn more about each of us, click the links below:


    Why a Blog?

    Now that we are technically adults (boo.) and our lives are getting increasingly busier, we have been finding it harder to spend time together. One day, while “working,” Rachel and Lori were discussing their desire to start blogs. They decided it would be fun to do one together, bringing in Amanda, Allyssa, and Kaely as well. Honesty Time is a way for us to stay in touch with each other by participating in a fun and interesting experiment that hopefully people like to read.
    What the Heck is Honesty Time?

    Ever have a drunken heart-to-heart with your best friends, complete strangers, or anyone in between? That’s honesty time. We created the concept of honesty time one night while having a casual conversation about the futility of our lives and our futures, and it stuck. So, when we were coming up with a name for our blog, Honesty Time was the most obvious choice. This is a place for us to express our thoughts, feelings, and any meandering idea that passes through our minds.

    So, read on, and enjoy.
  • Humans Are Weird (175)
    [About the Weird]
    Humans are weird!

    Well, I reckon they are anyway. And so, to pay respect to the various human-centric foibles that many of us so proudly possess - some beautiful, some not so beautiful, and some teetering on the ebb of psychotic waters – I’ve made this blog.
    Colourful. Observations.

    Equals me, observing, projecting, coagulating, and documenting – colourfully – awe striking humanisms: the good, the bad, the somewhere in between, and the *censored* ugly! Oh, and the weird, of course.

  • I Am A Black Mother (194)
    I started this blog when my daughter was about six months old. It's the story of my learning how to be a "black mother". I am white and my daughter is black. Being a "black mother" does not mean that I am now included in the "black" race just because my child is black. It means that I have to add to my repertoire of mothering skills knowledge of things that a black child needs to grow up in a healthy way. This blog follows me along the way of learning what these things are. Some topics I discuss are racism, transracial families, white privilege, black hair and skin care, and adoption.
  • In The Absence Of Interest... The ramblings of a fool. (430)
    In The Absence Of Interest... The ramblings of a fool.