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    Tegen de stroom in (Against the flow.)
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    Random and Abstract Lines
    Hello everyone!
    I’m a Student at University of Coimbra and in my spare time I enjoy taking some pictures.
    Having photography as a hobby, I’d like to share some of my amateur work. Obviously I’m not a professional nor do I intend to be (at least right now that’s not my main goal..) but as I’m actually proud of some of my photos I thought somewhere there would be someone interested in seeing them.
    Hope you all enjoy
  • A Buick in the Land of Lexus (680)
    cosmic drifter
    future leader of bloglandia
    part time sex puppet
    samara rose – why the *censored* not?
  • A DEVOTED LIFE (634)
    This blog primarily contains devotions that I have written in response to my own daily Bible reading. I am a rather practical person and you will see that I take a rather practical approach to implementing my Bible reading into my daily life. It is my hope and prayer that these simple devotions will be an encouragement to all who read them to dig deeper into the the Word of God. There is no more effective of a tool than the scriptures to help us set our mind on the things of the Spirit. It is when we are consistently setting our minds on the things of the Spirit that we will live consistently in the Spirit. May God richly and abundantly bless you.
  • A Pondering Mind (733)
    I’m just a 65 year old retired guy, who likes to blog, and write about things that are of interest to me. I’ve been doing this for the last four years. When I first started to blog, I was using Google Blog, then decided to switch to Word Press, which was about six months later.
  • A Simple, Village Undertaker (631)
    I am just a simple, village undertaker living in Aiken, SC, USA who likes to share the view out my window.
  • Advice From Nashville (627)
    A Hipster's Perspective
    - - -
    Cathy Laws -
    German-born blogger Cathy grew up south of Nashville, Tennessee. Blogging and hooping have become two of Cathy's favorite pastimes. In addition, the amiable author enjoys therapeutic soaks in the tub, decadent desserts and thought-provoking discussions among friends.
  • Aewl's Abode (731)
    Meanderings of a twisted mind.

    I’m just an old fart who is almost a half century old. Spent almost half my life in the Navy and most of that was out to sea. Now I’m a farmer, carpenter, technician and general handy-man. I love reading books and I like writing, which is good if I’m writing a blog.
    I have strong opinions on a lot of different things. Keep reading this blog and I’ll share some of them from time to time.
    One of my all time favorite songs is “The Motorcycle Song” by Arlo Guthrie
    I don’t want a pickle, just wanna ride my motor-sickle…….
  • Ahhsome (639)
    This blog was originally designed to grow a community of bloggers. Playing a big role in introducing people to one another’s blogs has been successful.
  • All Consuming (628)
    I am not here to preach, to instruct to divulge to exhibit, I wish to share my love of language and poetry...I just want to write...and not be talking to myself as I do so. It may be inane, I do not claim to be right, I'’m just expressing thoughts. It will not be salacious stuff...it may well be dull as hell and badly expressed at that. I will happily take comments and replies and delete them at my will as the small god that I am of this page...but don't be afraid to reply. Or be offended if I disagree, I am not a fascist; I am just not a big fan of relentlessly playing verbal badminton with people who are not open to other sides of the coin. So there.