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  • deuts.net (191)
    deuts Makati
    Bio: A chess enthusiast who got hooked with computer chess lately. Interested in anything about chess, technology, computers, gadgets, blogging, internet, stock market, photography, accounting, auditing, linux, and a whole lot more I couldn't think of right now.
  • Disperser Tracks (179)
    Thoughts, photographs, and writings from a would-be philosopher, photographer, and writer making his way through an all-too-short life.
  • Dive Instructor Journal (195)
    2 years old, and still going.. This blogs the daily life of 2 Dive Instructors on the small island of Koh Tao, Thailand. A very personal insight to the inner workings of a dive school.
  • DocoWatch (201)
    One Man Watches 1,000 Documentaries
  • Don't Forget A Towel (254)
    The Only Way to Travel Geekly
  • drollgirl (206)
    los angeles blogger -- art, music, entertainment, humor
  • Duckwhits (156)
    For Guys New at Being Old
  • Exile on Pain Street (146)
    One minute I’m living in the epicenter for the heroin trade in NYC, the next I’m commuting from the dark recesses of New Jersey. It all happened so quickly. What hit me?

    I’ve got two daughters but absolutely no clue whatsoever what constitutes proper parenting. I’m doing the best I can, for Christ’s sake. My bride has asked to be left out of this space and I have to respect that. As far as the daughters, they don’t get a say in the matter.

    Every apartment building in New York City has one craggy old bastard who is renting the biggest apartment for the least amount of money. Everyone is anxiously waiting for him/her to drop dead so they can pounce on the real estate. My aspiration was to become one of those craggy old bastards. Somewhere along the way I took a detour and I’m now ensconced in New Jersey.
  • franciscojaviertostado (191)
    ~ Historia, medicina y otras artes...
    [History, medicine and other arts...]
  • FreeCatlady (167)
    The Freedom of CatLady Life
    Welcome! I’m Natascha, and Murli is my cute fluffy cat, my furkid. She's female and was born on August 17, 2005. I love to post about our life and all the things that happen in it, as an outlet for myself and as a way to share what's going on with our wonderful friends here and the friends that cross our path in the future. Love, Natascha and Murli