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  • Bible Treasures and Pearls (136)
    But we have this TREASURE IN EARTHEN VESSELS, that the excellency of THE POWER MAY BE OF GOD, and not of us.
  • Blog About Stuff (170)
    A blog based around things. Technically our site is aimed to play snake, but we've got an awesome blog, too. We feature sciencey stuff, technology, news, opinion, real quotes, and endorsements from raging fans.
  • Blue Country Magic (187)
    My name is Anita Firebaugh. I'm a freelance writer and a blogger who lives on a farm. Blue Country Magic is a lifestyles blog (which means its focus is my life) and I hope you'll enjoy reading about life in rural Virginia and my efforts to continue my writing work.
  • Born Joy (199)
    I write about life: joys, struggles, insights, and everyday moments. I revel in friendships, photography, cooking, learning, and kindness. I try to be mindful, grateful, and true (some days are better than others). Mostly, I try to live my life with a curious mind and an open heart.
  • Break Out the Skinny Girl (140)
    ...You’ll hear me refer throughout the blog to The Asshole – for those of you who haven’t read from the early days I should explain. I’m sure you have a little voice in your head that tries to talk you into eating/buying/doing things you shouldn’t, and tries to talk you out of doing things that you should, like exercising for example. It’s also the voice you hear that chips at your confidence when you feel like you’re having a bad hair day or a big bum day…we all have that voice, and I named mine The Asshole. It makes it easier for me to recognise asshole messages, and takes away some of their power. Sometimes.
  • Bron Voyage (254)
    I am embarking on my first overseas trip at 46 years of age. I decided on the solo traveller path. I like my own company and my own space. I am excited and a little scared. I hope to have a relaxing time learning about other cultures and eating and drinking my way around. Getting lost is high on my list of things to do. Finding places I wouldn't have found if I didn't make that wrong turn. I have never written a blog before and I have dreadful punctuation skills. So thank you for your patience The name Bron Voyage came from the imagination of Deb El Hage. It is exactly what I was looking for.
  • Brown-Eyed Twenty-Something (177)
    This is me, in a nutshell:
    I’m a lab tech at a major research institution in a Midwest metro area. I will be turning 25 in early 2014, a quarter of a century old. I am enrolled in a Master’s program in technical writing, which I am completing while working full-time. I am planning to run 4 half marathons and at least one marathon in the year 2014 – watch out, world! I am living with my boyfriend (fiance, as of July 20, 2014!) of a year, a structural engineer whom I will refer to as H. We have a dog, a rambunctious English Setter named Ole who drives me crazy and I love to pieces. I love to write, and have written several (unpublished) novels. I hope that, one day, I’ll see my name on the cover of a book in a bookstore. I love crunchy leaves, mac and cheese, funfetti cake, and the mountains. And I’m going to keep a blog, writing every day for an entire year.
  • by my two feet (191)
    life after college
  • Calling-all-RushBabes (372)
    A Conservative Oasis in a Desert of Liberalism -
    I started this blog as a way of connecting with other RushBabes out there. There have to be some, other than myself. So far, I’m getting lots of followers, but few RushBabes! In fact, some of my followers have been obvious Liberals. As someone I used to know said, there’s no accounting for taste! I called my blog Calling-all-RushBabes for a reason. Come on, all you RushBabes out there-connect!
  • cartoonmick (191)
    A good laugh is better than a trip to the dentist.