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  • Woman Bites Dog (203)
    Lyndsey Jones is a journalist, playwright and comedy writer.
  • Writing with Spirit - melanielynngriffin (263)

    Greetings, fellow Web wanderer. I’m glad you’re making a virtual visit to my blog. I appreciate your company. My name’s Melanie, and I’m a recovering environmental lobbyist, having escaped from nearly thirty years on Capitol Hill. My soul is still green, and I enjoy working locally in my community and occasionally consulting on environmental initiatives, but I am increasingly absorbed in my new life as a freelance writer. Plus, it takes a lot of time and energy to return to school after thirty years! No time for “real work”

  • yadadarcyyada (234)
    Vague Meanderings of the Broke and Obscure
    Very Me
    I have always been me and despite many attempts to make me not me, I still seem to manage to be me. That’s not always a good thing. Read some of my stuff, comment, critique, praise, ignore, puzzle, or just do whatever you want.
  • youngblkrepub's Blog (153)
    Markeece Young
    Bio: A young black conservative. I just turned 19. I'm a blogger, activist, visionary and volunteer.
  • Ziddi Tamana - a stubborn desire... (202)
    Indian girl on the wrong side of the world! Extremist with a melodramatic attitude. Writer with passion. Lover with no limitations.
  • ^zhurnaly (281)
    Briefly, this is the diary of ^z = Mark Zimmermann ...