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A shot in the arm (so to speak)

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Kyle Hester - Actor, Producer Hard to believe it's been over five years (count 'em 5> 1... 2... 3... 4... 5...!) since I first shared my discovery of the independent film star / producer Kyle Hester. [see:A Day In The Life... Supporting Indie Film] Since then I have made it a point to keep an eye on his storied career.

So[1] I was surfing ROKU and decided to check-in on its YouTube channel. Here I was presented, as my number one suggested video, the following offering by none other than my ol’ cyber-fiend Kyle. I had fourteen minutes to spare so I donated them to "Kyle Hester Land."
Might I suggest you do the same:

Hungarian Horse Bow Arrow Speed test!!
How fast will an arrow fly?

The following is reprinted from this video's YouTube page:

Welcome to Kyle's Film Garage! Todays video is about a passion of mine. Archery!! I will be doing a speed test on my Hungarian Horse bow. Lets shoot this bow and arrow through some stuff to see how powerful a horse bow is!
 You may know me from such films as Zombie With a Shotgun or The Chair horror film with Roddy Piper.
My goal here is to make solar powered films.
Please join my patreon to be a part of the magic. This is the way to keep independent film alive! I will share behind the scenes stuff that you will only find there!

You can also support independent film by watching on Amazon and leaving an awesome review. It all helps with the algorithm!
You can check out Zombie With a Shotgun below. I play a bounty hunter in NewYork City.

If you like dark psychological horror then check out
The Chair! Starring Roddy Piper
I play a sadistic prison guard along side Zach Galligan and Noah Hathaway.

These films are possible because of fan funding!! It would not be possible without you. Thank you for supporting independent film!!!

Kyle Hester - Actor, Producer

[aside #1: is it even proper to begin a sentence with the word "so?" - I don't think SO - that is like starting to like drive me like crazy... LET'S STOP IT PEOPLE!]


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