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Up In The Air - Aware

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I did not really make any sort of resolution to post more to my blog projects this year. Just the fact that they exist keeps me ever mindful of my desire to build upon those existing structures. I think if I ever tried to develop some sort of posting schedule - which every "how to succeed in blogging" author would stress is a "must" - I would soon find another hobby. I'll admit I really don't want to work that hard; I'd rather wait for inspiration and add to the internet when the mood strikes me. I guess that's the difference between hobby and obsession: one you do for enjoyment the other because you cannot imagine it otherwise.

So - if I may be so colloquial as to begin a sentence thus - I was intending to search the inter-webs for content that might relate to my (Unofficial) Oaklandon Community Blog and in the process discovered (on a map) that the nearby Indianapolis Regional Airport (a.k.a. Mount Comfort Airport) is referred to as MQJ, the 3 letter identifier assigned by the FAA. A search involving this new-found tidbit lead me to an extraordinary internet resource by the name of Flight Aware


From https://flightaware.com/about/:
FlightAware is a digital aviation company and operates the world's largest flight tracking and data platform. With global connectivity to every segment of aviation, FlightAware provides over 10,000 aircraft operators and service providers as well as over 13,000,000 passengers with global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology, analytics, and decision-making tools.

The "iFrame" presented here is centered on Mt. Comfort Airport but the source website offers you the ability to investigate any airport you choose. You can see detailed information about every airplane in the sky in real-time. I am truly amazed at this technology and thought this would make an ideal "share" to kick off the new year.


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