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Nothing Funny About It

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After taking a little time off from blogging to recover from a debilitating, unannounced GoDaddy server swap I am happy to report BlogDogIt has (finally) been upgraded to the latest version of GeekLog CMS (GL_2.1.2 up from GL_1.8.1.) I had been putting off the upgrade because so much of the new system was not directly compatible with the older system, but when I could not get BlogDogIt to run on the new server I decided to "take the plunge" and do the update.

Although I had backups of the website complete with database I was still concerned since the tables used to store the articles were not the same as the backed-up version and required modification of the existing data structure to make it readable, so as to restore all articles to the BlogDogIt archives.

It was a learning experience that - in all likelihood - served to up my geek score a few points. It highlighted the fact that I do indeed know enough to be dangerous but also restored my confidence in my ability to learn what I needed to know to get the job done. There are still a few features around here that have yet to be restored (if you noticed any of them missing then bless your heart.)

After working so hard behind the scenes - up to my belt-loops in code - I have been itching to get back to the entertaining task of posting to this blog (in an effort to get that whole episode behind me.) It is only natural to wish to record for posterity the events of the last couple of weeks but I was torn as to whether I should share this tale or just opt for the usual sharing with y'all of something interesting that I've happened upon while perusing the interwebs.

Since I had not really taken the time to enjoy the internet at large lately, I instead choose to rely on my email inbox that today shared with me a suggestion from Ello.co that featured Lucya Koroleva; the creator of the goofy little gifs that now adorn this article. Those who regularly follow BlogDogIt will know I have an underutilized fascination with stop-motion animation (clay and otherwise - see The Great Race - among others) so you will have little trouble understanding why I chose to use these active little images as apt illustrations for this piece.

After following Lucya (nothingisfunny) on ello.co I was anxious to discover which (if any) other vehicles she has chosen to utilize to highlight her craft - I was rewarded with quite a number of sites and would like to share the following introduction made by the artist in a BoredPanda article:

I Make Short Claymations For Fun
Hi! Just wanted to share silly short claytoons, that I make. Shot on an iPhone attached to a tripod that is wrapped around a wine bottle, which is taped to the table - the usual setup in my "studio". Thanks for taking a look!

 Explore the fascinating world of Lucya Koroleva
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