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Koesteren (Cherish)

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Koester de kleine dingen
Cherish the little things

Sometimes it's the little things that have the greatest impact (especially when you least expect that they even could.)

The featured video was found as a result of The Dig. [See:Cyberspace-Archeology - "The Dig"] It was not an obvious discovery but one I had to work at...

Joris Dergez---

The thumbnail image here shows the "Homepage" of Joris Dergez; you can click it to visit it but trust me, this is all there is to it. By all appearances this is a non-functioning website - but is it? The simple design is actually telling us quite a bit: Joris Dergez has a home on the internet, his navigation menu suggests studying, acting and directing and invites us to contact him. The inclusion of a black and white head-shot further suggests a working entertainer with an eye toward self promotion. His labeling of the footer of his page as "Footer" at first glance might give the impression of an unfinished template (I have seen scads of those on telenet.be) and the word "Socialmedia" might also appear to be a placeholder for all those social media badges that seem to be the rage these days. But this is what it tells me: "Hi I am Joris Dergez. I am a student of acting and directing. You know how this works. Look me up!" So that is exactly what I did. Based on what I am finding it is safe to say, this will require a little more digging.

I sincerely hope you too will enjoy the following bit of "Pay-Dirt"...

The Video: https://youtu.be/WaY1UyovtFE

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