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Cyberspace-Archeology - "The Dig"

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Mijn Telenet

While poking around the outskirts of McKenna's All Weather Haulage I came across a treasure trove in the form of a list of links for user websites from the Belgian ISP, telenet. I have begun a preliminary excavation of the site and so far have been finding many valuable artifacts. The following BlogDogIt posts represent some of the earliest prizes:

While there are certainly many dead links, there is enough active content to keep a cyber explorer such as myself amused and optimistic for discovery. So most of the sites are Dutch language and many are relating to defunct enterprises of one form or another. There are several sites that represent what can only be described as amateur dabbling in the html black arts.

There is no telling what you might find so use your mouse as your shovel and join the dig! I am including the page http://users.telenet.be/ in an iFrame below. If you find something good post the lucky link in the comment section at the end of this article.

Can You Dig It?

Dig-in but be cautious! Random web-surfing is not for the faint of heart. Be sure your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware are actively working to protecting you from those hazards of the internet. Do not forget your babelfish or other preferred Rosetta Stone - you just might need it.

Watch your step!

The original telenet index has been discontinued - this directory
has been reproduced thanks to
TheWayBackMachine 11/04/2017 snapshot.
On September 1, 2022, Telenet took the web spaces, once included with Telenet internet, offline.
We at BlogDogIt will certainly miss that content and therefore have updated all of our Telenet.be links to
take you to the Archive.org "Wayback Machine" where many captures exist from years gone by.

In no particular order - Use at your own risk.

"A" - Highlights
completed 6/9/2013

"B" - Highlights
completed 9/16/2013

"C" - Highlights
completed 4/7/2014

"D" - Highlights
completed 5/29/2015

"E" - Highlights
completed 6/5/2015

"F" - Highlights
completed 2/15/2016

"G" - Highlights
completed 4/8/2016

"H" - Highlights
completed 4/29/2016

"I" - Highlights
completed 5/9/2016

"J" - Highlights
completed 6/14/2016

"K" - Highlights
completed 11/30/2016

"L" - Highlights
completed 2/14/2017

"M" - Highlights
completed 5/9/2018

"N" - Highlights
completed 5/18/2018

"O" - Highlights
completed 8/23/2018

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