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Caged Beasts From A Simpler Time

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The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has opened a new "wing" thanks to the efforts of Mikko Hyppon (Chief Research Officer for F-Secure) and Jason Scott (Software Collections Curator at the Internet Archive.) You can now experience the horror from early days of personal computing. But fear not because these are DE-fanged versions of those heart-stopping creations. Enjoy the creative side of these infections thanks to embedded computer emulators utilized to display this impressive collection.

Smell Like SmokeThe Malware Museum
Creator: Mikko Hypponen
Curator: Jason Scott

"The Malware Museum is a collection of malware programs, usually viruses, that were distributed in the 1980s and 1990s on home computers. Once they infected a system, they would sometimes show animation or messages that you had been infected. Through the use of emulations, and additionally removing any destructive routines within the viruses, this collection allows you to experience virus infection of decades ago with safety."

Scroll the screen-grab image below and click it to visit the actual collection page at Archive.org 

The Malware Museum


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