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The Lives We Live - Now Under Way!

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The Lives We Live - A Reality Show - Pilot‘The Lives We Live’ is different. The very first reality show in the blogging format – like many engagements produced within The Neighborhood – it breaks new ground in online entertainment. But more importantly, unlike the overwhelming majority of our other nearly 300 original shows, most of the contributors are not artists and were not actively seeking the spotlight when i sought them out. But here they are, living their lives out loud, and perhaps one of them, may be on their way to becoming an underground star. Source: The Neighborhood "performance art of blogging & imagination to change the world." – Kendall F. Person

My music is a reflection of my life and my deep southern roots.
– Nashville Recording Artist Lance Stinson, Lumber City Georgia

BlogDogIt Note: Today I received a twitter notification on my cell (like ya' do) reminding me that the ground-breaking reality show from TheNeighborhood titled "The Lives We Live" was happening today. Thanks to Kendall for the reminder because my day was getting the better of me and I was actually "spacing" the whole affair. After looking in on the event and listening to Lance Stinson's contribution I decided to add to my workload and get this here post up lickety-split.

This song is SO Country that I almost gave it a pass. Then somewhere along the way my southern blood got to bubblin' and before I knew what hit me I was remembering those bygone days when I once counted myself a fan of the genre.

I like to think of myself of a connoisseur of every type of music (I am a follower of The Neighborhood after all) but I tell you what, Lance Stinson hits the nail square on the head with this one when he reminds us that "Country [particularly real-deal country] Never Goes Out Of Style!"

And now... Back to the show


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