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Land o' Goshen!

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Grammercy Records

Funny how things often go 'off the rails' when in the midst of an internet search (for me they do at least.) All I wanted to do was confirm the definition of the word "gramercy" so I did a Yahoo search on the word and discovered that (according to thefreedictionary.com) it is an archaic interjection used to express surprise or gratitude. Besides that, I also became aware of a record label out of Seattle, WA called "Grammercy Records."

Their music catalog features records from the following genre: Blues, Jazz, Classical, World and Spiritual. I have been known to enjoy each of the above mentioned styles of music so I decided to step inside this little record shop and have a look around. They offer a pretty nice selection from a number of various artists; what really caught my eye were the record covers featured in the slide presentation below.

While I don't necessarily endorse the subjects shown in the graphics I must admit that I do enjoy the retro exploitation artwork...

Look but don't touch!






 Click On The Image To Enlarge

All images sourced from http://grammercy.com - Copyright © 2013 Grammercy Records, All Rights Reserved. Used without permission - I am hoping your visit to their website will get me off the hook.



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