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Joe Atkinson's Post Trauma

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Joe Atkin's - Post TraumaA police detective is called to mediate a hostage situation, but finds the situation isn't exactly what he expected. Starring Rusty James, Kevin Roach, and Cindy Maples.

Written and Directed by:
Joe Atkinson.

( < 3 min! = WatchNow! :D )

Post Trauma from Joe Atkinson on Vimeo.

Joe Atkinson had the following to say on Facebook, regarding the release of this gem:

    In the last couple of weeks, I've kind of been emptying the vault of all the film projects I've done in the last couple of years. I think this is the last one - my entry into HBO's Project Greenlight. I did not win. But the challenge of telling a full story in three minutes or less was kind of fun ... plus, I got to work with great folks like Rusty James, Kevin Roach, Cindy Maples, and Caitlin Sullivan in front of the camera; and DP Bonnell and Jimmy Sanders behind it. Thank you to everyone for helping make Post Trauma happen!

BlogDogIt Note: Thank you Joe for sharing this Great Work!


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