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Vampires of Dubois County

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Meet Count DuboisA Short Film made for the
Southwest Indiana Film Festival.

Written and Directed by
Patrick Higgs

: Markus Porter, Tammy Fowler, Mark Dessauer, Blake Schaefer, Carmen Mazick, Charlie Higgs, Misty Sisqo, Alex Schaefer and Cindy Maples as the Narrator.


This film was made for a tiny budget of $500.00 and was made with specific requirements. We hope you enjoy and remember to visit Dubois County and tell them Vladimir sent you! [source YouTube]

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Patrick Higgs
From Patrick Higgs Facebook Page:
Yesterday spent all day the Film Festival for SWIFF. It the was first one they held and hopefully the first of many more to come. Unfortunately my film didn't win any of the awards, but it was well received and had a great round of applause at the end - and laughs in the right places. I realized it wasn't going to ever be perfect, but I was happy with the end product. Thank you to everyone involved in making it and helping in any way. I look forward to making another one soon and hopefully get better each time. On behalf of the Vampires of Dubois County, you are commanded to watch, and if you live in Dubois County, I will guarantee you in the coming weeks you will see more and more Vampires coming out of the coffin-maybe even knocking at your door.

[Patrick Higgs Image Source: PatrickHiggs.com]


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