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Maniac on the Loose (on the internet!)

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Maniac on the Loose
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Escaped! Big Biting Pig Productions

NOTE - Below is the review I wrote for IMDB: 

I had a good time watching Maniac on the Loose. If you have ever said that you like horror movies I am sure you will enjoy this too!

It is a brilliant tale about an escaped mental patient and why that can be a such bad thing. Steve Hudgins has woven a tale that should have everyone calling their local mental institutions to verify that ALL the doors are locked. It has been said that too much knowledge is a dangerous thing and Steve skillfully doles out this plot in a manner that perhaps will make you feel just a little too safe. But it's for your own good. You like surprises don't you? Do you like think you know the score? When a maniac is on the loose it is best just to stay at home, right? Really? In this case the best place to be is anywhere but Madisonville.

Murder! In some ways this is a cautionary tale on the pitfalls of on-line romance. In other ways it is a cautionary tale on the pitfalls of getting up and going to work. In ALL ways this is an excellent creation by the good folks at Big Biting Pig Productions. The camera work is admirable. The sound is A-O-K. The musical score is awesomely effective. The editing is Super-Good. The acting is just about to the top notch.

It has Humor cards. It has Suspense and Mystery Cards. It has Horror and Creepy cards. Are you in? The dealing has begun but beware, Steve has masterfully stacked this deck!

I recommend this for those who like good clever fiction with just enough terror to keep you glued to the screen.

Many thanks to Big Biting Pig Productions for teaming up with Snagfilms to bring this indie horror classic to the internet at large!

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Maniac on the Loose


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