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Hello, I am your substitute teacher...

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Bell & Howell 16mm Optical SoundYou stroll into the classroom and notice there is something odd about the place. All the window blinds have been pulled down; transforming what was once your window to the outside world into a wall of dimly glowing amber. Only half the banks of overhead florescent lights are lit. You are about to learn that very soon even those will be extinguished. Looking to the front of the room you see the chalkboard is now shrouded in a bright white sheet of reflective glass beads. You turn to check the rear of the room and discover that magnificent marvel of modern mechanics; that beautiful beast by Bell & Howell. You know what this means...

Yes boys and girls it's "Movie Day!" So come on in and take your seats. No, this will not be a gonorrhea prevention message... No, this will not be a romp through old growth forests showing how they turn a majestic redwood into a toothpick... Sorry but this is not even - and I know it is your favorite - "The Life Cycle of a Water Droplet." No class, today we have a very special animated film from Disney Studios that I am sure you will find both entertaining and educational. If you don't want to watch the movie you may put your head down on your desk (please try not to drool on your textbook; snoring will not be tolerated.) - There will be no talking or I will stop this projector and you will all do worksheets - Suzie will you please turn out the lights - 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show...


The ABCs of Hand Tools
Disney produced training film for GM about the proper use of hand tools 1945



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