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Life Stinks for Abigail

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Life Stinks For Abigail?Back in May of 2012 I posted about the "Life Stinks? We Can Help." advertising campaign waged by Tidy Cats™ brand kitty litter, in the BlogDogIt article titled "I Need You To Lower Your Voice." That article featured an embedded YouTube video (The Lobby) that I only recently noticed had been removed (apparently by Tidy Cats.)
This discovery set me on a mission to find that video again to restore the post. I assumed that since this advertising campaign / web series was so good that I would have little trouble turning up a replacement; was I wrong? It really took some digging but I finally found the collection on the Kids At Play Media website. I was so relieved to find they had the entire 10 episode series available; I was really beginning to think these video gems would be lost to the world at large. I hope all interested parties will forgive me as I do my bit to continue to share the trials and tribulations of dear ol' Abigail.
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 BlogDogIt Playlist - 10 videos - 18 minutes

Kids At Play MediaFrom Kids At Play: Life Stinks? For Abigail it often does. It seems that no matter where she is or what she’s doing things have the potential to go wrong … hilariously wrong. A hysterical new web series starring Rachael Harris, produced in association with AFG, Principato Young Entertainment, and Electus.  

The Abigail / Life Stinks Logo Image above recovered from:
Internet Archive - Wayback Machine.


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