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95ers - The Creative Spark

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Regular visitors to BlogDogIt know that I am perhaps the worlds biggest fan of Thomas Durham and his indie film project 95ers. I just got word of a new documentary by Lynda.com about the making of this masterpiece (via an email from 95ers Universe.) I share with you their introduction below:

Greetings time travelers!  We are saving the world from timespace paradoxes and doing our bit to support artists and storytellers everywhere!  One of the mighty pulsars in the creative community, Lynda.com, heard about the 95ers story and descended on producer/director Tom Durham’s house to film a documentary on the topic…

So, here it is:

Please share this with sci-fi fans, struggling artists, and normal humans everywhere.  Tom tried to get them to put more in about the awesomeness of the collaborators on the project, but Lynda was razor focused on Tom’s own goofiness.  It’s a huge honor to be featured in this video series, so many thanks to everyone who part of this.

The Creative Spark: Tom Durham, Indie Filmmaker from lynda.com on Vimeo.

Tom Durham didn't start out naïve or inexperienced. As the head of a media department responsible for creating commercial advertisements and other videos, he had legitimate production skills. He was also ready and willing to devote all his waking time and money to a side project.

But into his fifth year of making his first feature-length movie, 95ers, Tom realized he might be in over his head. This sci-fi epic required a full crew, not to mention elaborate sets, miniatures, and intense visual effects and compositing work.

Just when it seemed like he might never be able to release a complete version of the movie, he turned to Kickstarter. There he found an unexpected outpouring of financial support and an entirely new audience for his film.

Listen to Tom tell his story and see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from 95ers in this installment of The Creative Spark.

95ers Blog Permalink: http://95ers.com/engage/sweet-new-doc-on-95ers/

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