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Take Flight with the Wolfe Air Reel

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Amazing Arial Footage of Aircraft in Flight - Enjoy!

Wolfe Air Reel from 3DF on Vimeo.

These shots were filmed in close formation with the Vectorvision camera system installed in the highly modified Wolfe Air LearJet 25. Cameras used are the Red Epic and Arriflex Alexa.
Wolfe Air Project Coordinator: Beth Miles
Wolfe Air Pilots: Ace Beall, Kevin LaRosa, Kevin LaRosa Jr, Jeff Senior
Camera: Doug Holgate, Roger Tonry, Scott Smith
Edited by: Zak Marx / 3DF
Colorist: Arnold Ramm / 3DF

Source: Vimeo

Wolfe Air LearJet 25 

Image Source: Airliners.net


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