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Grin-Giving Gifts of Graffiti

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The Sly Smile
The Sly Smile - nikita-nomerz


Spray Paint          


Dale Harkness, on his blog - "The Hindenburg Principle" - recently featured several photographs of graffiti from around his city. Dale posited that creative graffiti (as opposed to the "gang-tag" variety) can actually serve to elevate otherwise blighted areas and even lift the spirits of those treated to these unexpected gifts from the "Urban Artist."

I remember this today because I discovered a related website that features several images of buildings and structures that have been given faces by Russian street artist Nikita Nomerz. I have posted here only a couple of the vast gallery of images entitled "The Walls Have Eyes: Abandoned Spaces Given Graffiti Facelifts" found on the website: environmentalgraffiti.com. I suggest that you check out these photos. When you do, imagine how those areas must have looked before the "facelift." Enjoy!

Monster House
Monster House - nikita-nomerz

Environmental Graffiti

Spray Can Image Source: air-n-water.com

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