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I Need You To Lower Your Voice!!!

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Okay, I will admit it...  I fell prey to a billboard suggesting that I visit a particular website. In fact the billboard said little more than "nomorepu.com". I found it somewhat ironic that it was situated along the interstate near the landfill on the south side of town; it has been known to get quite stinky in the area at times.

I had no idea what the campaign was about but discovered after visiting the website that it was regarding Tidy Cat brand kitty litter. They have put together a clever website featuring the theme "Life Stinks? We Can Help."


They have a series of video shorts which are actually quite humerous and at the end of each they play a short outtake/blooper type scene from the shoot. The second in the series is called "The Lobby" and at the end of it there is a security guard that asks a lady to lower her voice. After I heard this I had to stop everything and extract the sound-bite. Watch the video now and download the sound-bite below.

Here you go: ==>    LowerYourVoice.mp3

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BlogDogIt Note: These videos have been removed from the TidyCat YouTube Page
Visit Kids At Play to see the complete series (10 episodes)

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