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WTF? in Arkansas

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Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Dead Birds (And Fish, Too)

(UPDATE: Blame Noise. Maybe)

by Perry Michael Simon on January 3, 2011

Nobody knows yet why somewhere upwards of a thousand � maybe as many as 2,000 � blackbirds fell out of the sky in Beebe, Arkansas just before New Year�s.

Theories? Maybe they were hit by lightning. Or caught in a storm. Or even startled by fireworks and stressed to death. Or something. All anyone knows is that dead birds suddenly begain to rain down on the town.

You got any ideas? Because nobody else has any. They�ll be doing some necropsy work this week to see if they can find out what killed the birds, but, at the moment, it�s a mystery.

And, please, save the Hitch*censored* references. Those birds attacked people. They didn�t drop dead and fall on people. That would have been a very different movie.

Oh, yeah, they have dead fish, too. Dead drum fish � in the hundreds of thousands � are covering 20 miles of the Arkansas River near Ozark. That�s not good, either, is it?

UPDATE: The initial necropsy reports are in on those mysterious bird deaths in Arkansas and the state�s early conclusion is that the cause of death was noise from fireworks.  The noise, the thought goes, startled the flock that lives in the neighborhood, and they flew into buildings and other obstacles as a result because they were below the roof line.

So� there�s your answer.  For now.


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