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In The Spotlight is a new feature of BlogDogIt.

After recently claiming BlogDogIt.com on Technorati it was obvious that - as a new member - BlogDogIt was starting at the bottom of a great heap of blogs and it would be the height of folly to think we would ever make it into Technorati's "TOP 100 Blogs" ranking. However, it is clear as day that among the listed blogs is a veritable cornucopia of content for one so intent on Bloggin' It While Doggin' It.

Through this feature, I will shine the Spotlight on selected blogs; those with a similar "authority" ranking as BlogDogIt and which cover at least one of our claimed "authority" topic areas. A big thank you to Technorati and a BlogDogIt Welcome to our spotlit blogs. Please visit these sites and tell 'em we sent you. Don't forget to come back here  though - better yet add BlogDogIt RSS to your feedlist - to stay on top of what's happening at or near the bottom.

Now... Going Up?

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