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  • 2e5.com (583)
    2e5.com is a site where I share some of my research, hobbies, and experiments. Here you will find articles on kite design, programming, and NASA technology.
  • Amateur Radio Station NW8L (421)
    Bob Cunnings NW8L
  • CB Radio Club (687)
    This site is dedicated to the hobby of 11 meter communications, where you can find helpful articles and knowledge about the hobby. This is not a commercial site and we do not sell any electronics equipment.

    In the articles section you can find the 10-codes (typically used in AM mode), Q-codes (used on Single Sideband Mode), and general lingo pertaining to Citizens Band Radio. We also have a resource of reviews written by fellow radio operators.

    Note: This site does not have a radio classifieds section and/or forum at this time. This site however does have a collection of useful information about how to get started into the hobby along with the ability to listen to live Ustream video streams and watch Youtube videos devoted to Citizens Band Radio.

  • Dave's Web Pages (466)
    Please Choose From The Sites Listed Below

    Stamp Page
    Dave's United States
    Postage Stamp Collection

    Radio Page
    Dave's Classic And
    Antique Radios

    Flower Page

    Camera Page
    North Star Classic
    Camera Collection
  • Johny Jolly Joker (508)
    I am a collector of jokers and that is why I wanted to make a site about my favourite hobby. On this website you will find information about myself, my favourite jokers, my duplicate jokers including small ones and links to my other friend-collectors.
  • Old School Garden (488)
    my gardening life through the year

    Hello, I’m Nigel Boldero. I live in a Victorian school in rural Norfolk, England. I’ve lived here with my family (Deborah, my wife, and three children all now grown up and living away) and a noisy Siamese cat called Skimble for over 25 years.

    During this time I’ve tried to develop our garden (around 2/3 acre) and my interest in gardening. Following training in garden and landscape design and horticulture over the last 7 years I have been providing design and associated services (trading as Audax Design) as well as helping local organisations, individuals and communities with garden, landscape and ‘grow your own food’ projects – some on a voluntary basis.

    ‘Old School Garden’ is a record of my gardening exploits as well as offering ideas, tips and a bit of humour along the way! I’m hoping to develop my garden writing skills and welcome comments and contributions to the blog.
  • Science Hobbyist (435)

    In the past I've spent time as an embedded designer and software engineer, consulted on textbooks, lectured about electricity education, designed science projects for kids, and built physics exhibits while running the electronics dept. at the Museum of Science in Boston.

    Today I spend my free time running SCIENCE HOBBYIST, a large website for amateur science and science education. You'll also find me hanging out on the PHYS-L physics education forum, holding forth about various ways to explain all things electrical.

    I was born in the US but I was raised on the island of Guam, which gave me a bit of an "outsider" viewpoint which I've carefully tried to preserve. And when you're in 3rd grade while both your parents are school teachers, it gives you a critical eye regarding the foibles of educators. I was bitten by the science bug at an early age and had fun with a chemistry set, but I soon discovered where the REAL magic was hidden: hobbyist electronics. Even more magical is the Black Art of electrostatics. And to search for traces of true magic in the sciences, nothing beats actual magic.
  • Spew Radio Inc. (510)
    This site showcases my two main recreational interests, Radio and Boating. Both of these activities require a certain amount of patience to fully experience, as well as a fair amount of disposable income. On this site, I've tried my best to document the best parts of my life's experiences in these two areas, and hope that in reading this you have as much fun as I did reliving them. Sit back and Enjoy!
  • The Meek's Homepage (664)
    Buying and selling collectible toys.
    I'm an online seller at ebay, my own website and bonanza. I also sell at festivals and flea markets. I enjoy racing, science, history and traveling.
  • TreasureNet (756)
    Welcome to TreasureNet.com - The largest Treasure Hunting Forum and Community on the Internet! We have discussion forums that cover a wide range of treasure related topics, from the Shipwrecks to Metal Detecting. Coins, Gold Prospecting, Techniques, Preservation, Mapping, Ghost Towns, Stamp Collecting, Fossils and everything in between. The site is completely free to use, to take full advantage of it all you need to do is Register - It's Quick and Free!