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  • A Darker Side of Normal (463)
    My name is Sean Monaghan. I won’t attach an age to this because I’ll never remember to update it. Eventually I’d be claiming the age of 31, yet pushing 45. In short, I’m a poet and professional writer, a father, and a person cursed with the the burden of deep-thought.

    This site is intended to be a place where expression holds the greatest power power. I like to think of myself as a someone driven by the factors of common sense, but like anyone, I have my moments.

    This is going to be a a nose-dive into emotion. It will probably be a blog that lacks all forms of “real direction,” but that will make the browsing all the more interesting, right?

    I intend to host several kinds of literary content. Eventually I would like to host fellow writer’s work as well. I can’t hope for a community as a short-term goal, but hopefully, with consistent effort, it can become a great place for writer’s minds to meet.

    I intend to post all sorts of things ranging from heartfelt poetry, to rants voicing my love for the way people drive.

    I’m here to create expression, voice many points, evolve doubt, and above all, make you feel every word that you read. Poetry that I post is intended to pull on a heart’s strings.

    I encourage feedback and hope to receive some. I am also available should anyone want a critique of their own. As for the ways of reaching me, feel free to fill out this form and I will get back to your promptly:

    I look forward to getting to know anyone that decides to visit “A Darker Side of Normal”.

    Thank you for stopping in.
  • Casey's Poetry Corner (formerly Gilhooley's) (528)
    Casey Michael Smith is a typical suburban family man, if typical means having dreams of becoming a pirate. He is a husband, father, poet, sailor, & frequent guest to tea parties of the utmost class & distinction. He lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife & three little princesses. He has been writing for most of the past twenty years for the sheer joy of playing with words. This is his first attempt at blogging & putting his work out for public display upon the urging of another author.

    He has convinced his daughters that he is Peter Pan.
  • Jnana's Red Barn (543)
    Come view the world from my loft ---
    When you rummage around an old barn, you never know what you’ll turn up. And that’s the premise here...
  • Poeta da Garrafa (496)
    I am the Poet of Gararafa. Odilon Machado de Lourenço, born in the pampa, ventado in minuanos, procurator of esmos and longitudes. What seeks paths and eyes, words and dreams. What follows in the clearing of the sun and the moon, which sails and silences the beauty. He who tills the earth, waters and sky. Planter of steps, horizons, seeds of love and tenderness. What will reap mirages, take shadows of fruit trees, swirl without rudder. I am the distance of days and nights that walk with me contemplating the world. I am mists flown by the sound of auroras. Amantrado of old stories and delusions. The coming, the birth of sweet madness, sublime if you contemplate my eyes and listen to my senses. Landscape poet. A mixed Brazilian from Latin America, a listener of marlins and breezes, hunter of stars. Bonfire star, blues, samba and verses. A drift with port. [google translation]