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  • Circle City Style (527)
    ...Because Life's too Short to Look or Live Like Crap!
    Hi. My name is Leah. This blog started as a street-style blog for Indianapolis, since we didn't really have one. . .
  • Costume Cocktail (735)
    ...a toast to the beauty of historical costumes.
    COSTUME COCKTAIL is a blog dedicated to the beauty of historical costumes & bygone eras.
  • Feline Creatures (533)
    I believe beauty does not only concern our external image (though first impression counts!) but also our inner grace and refinement. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “the beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.”

    Thus I hope Feline Creatures would be an inspirational, thought-provoking venue that allows you to not only discover new trends, travel new territories, and reflect on life philosophies, but in essence add to your laudable efforts in making positive impact on yourself and others!
  • Miskabelle Vintage (579)
    We started our blog over 3 years ago to help promote our vintage clothing business--it has grown from there! We blog about vintage and thrifting, celebrity styles and getting "the look" for less, as well as fun things in our regular lives, including what we wear. We are two sisters--a writer and an artist--who run the blog and business together. We aren't only bloggers and vintage sellers, however. We're also wives and mamas. We love to cook (and eat!), travel, decorate our homes, shop, etc.
  • Mr. Boy (613)
    Hey there - I'm Karlmond (like almond, with a K). I'm a British-born Chinese writing from London.
    Mr. Boy is a personal style and menswear blog featuring photography and writing covering my own interpretation of fashion and style. Writing and editing is done by myself; photography of the outfits is usually by those willing to lend a helping hand. Enjoy :)

    - Mr. Boy
  • The Dolls Factory (674)
    From The Dolls Factory in Milan (otherwise called home offline and blog online) everyday I learn something regarding the fashion industry that helps me in the pursuit of a career in fashion. A former investment banker and academic researcher (I got stressed out from the first and bored from the second) I tried to put my business management skills in an industry that excited me, to find out that stress is in every job you do, even in the 'sparkling' fashion world, but satisfaction can compensate for it. This blog is used as a learning platform for me and hopefully for the readers too.