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  • *joby_elliott (575)
    ...In any event, my name is Joby. I'm a web developer, artist, graphic designer, and computer science student at the University of New Mexico. This is my little slice of the internet. I honestly don't entirely know what it's for, but I do know that it's mine.
  • Bluefish Way (969)

    Cortes de la Frontera, Andalucia, Spain

    I am 66 year old English gentleman living in the mountains of Southern Spain. I have an apartment with great views of the mountains near a river overlooking fields with different animals and birds. I have 2 rescued cats. So send me an email. I just may reply :) ralph.whillier@gmail.com
  • Cosine Kitty (777)
    Don Cross - personal website - math, science, software, electronics
  • Doug Ledbetter (619)
    The Mad Scientist
  • Hisako Evans (612)
    I don't want get philosophical about why I created my web site. Let's say simply I had time on my hand.
    Born Hisako Shimizu in Gunma prefecture, raised, and educated in Japan. I have been living in USA nearly 40 years. Please enjoy
  • impworks (559)
    Welcome to impworks, my personal web site. Here you can find some of my pictures, role playing games, wargames, articles and other writing.
  • InfinitelyRemote (690)
    it's mostly a website
  • Kaz's World (594)
    Old-school Collection of Content! See it while you can [smiley:;)]
  • Michael Hartl (914)
    Welcome to Michael Hartl's Home on the Web!
    Founder of Tau Day and author of The Tau Manifesto, which argues that "No, really, pi is wrong."
  • Paul Falstad's Home Page! (784)
    educational java applets and links to all sorts of interesting stuff. Retro-Styled Site